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A grateful heart makes for a happy life

Gratitude is the quickest route to get yourself back on track to feeling good!

A grateful heart is a Mecca for miracles and blessings from The Universe.

Each morning, I begin my day by writing down a list of what I’m grateful for.

This list can be comprised of anything in my life ranging from being grateful for my vibrant health or the warmth of my cozy sweater on a chilly day.

What is seemingly big to some or small to others, I jot it down regardless because the Universe doesn’t label our blessings; it only sends forth more and more of what we are appreciative of!

Embark upon the daily practice of gratitude and begin to stand in awe of the blessings that are magnetized to you easily and effortlessly.

There’s nothing more The Universe adores than a grateful heart.

Woman in yoga pose in front of palm tree and sunrise.

Here’s a glance at what some of my morning lists look like:

On this beautiful day, I am so grateful and thankful that…

  • Everything is working out for me in every way

  • I can have anything I want in the Universe

  • I am LOVE, I give love, I receive love

  • I love myself unconditionally & extend this love to others

  • My angelic pups bring me so much joy

  • My wonderful tribe of loved ones are loving, supportive, dependable, & optimistic

  • I am naturally abundant & I get paid for being ME

  • Mother Earth nourishes & sustains me

  • All technology & transportation in my life is reliable, working optimally, & brings ease & joy into my life

  • All my needs are met in each moment above & beyond

  • I am ENOUGH

  • We are all connected to our Inner Being & are on the path to enlightenment

  • Positive thinking is easy & instinctive for me

  • I see the bright side of all things

  • Life supports me in safety & protection

  • All is well in my world

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am worthy of these blessings and I am so grateful for the endless supply from Above! You never fail me and always have my back. I am Divinely supported and taken care of. And so it IS!

These are just a few of the billions of things we have on this planet (and beyond) to be thankful for.

Sometimes I get a little carried away writing, so I find it helpful to set a timer for 10 minutes or so.

When the time is up I feel satisfied with my list and can move forward with my day in a refined, blissful state of mind and heart!

Rejoice as you watch the beautiful changes & miracles unfold before you.

~ Skin Care ~

Florida has undergone quite the cold winter, as some of our days are still starting out in the 30s! My skin has had a difficult time adjusting to the dryness causing redness and flakiness on my cheek area and on the left side of my nose.

My skin’s natural barrier (the outermost layer of our skin that serves as a protective wall for our skin comprised of dead skin cells & lipids) has evidently been out of balance.

What’s helped sooth this irritated area has been less exfoliation and more hydration!

I’ve been treating my skin as I would a baby’s by gently applying moisturizer with calming ingredients and avoiding physical & chemical exfoliants that amp up the redness and create more of a scaly mess.

We mermaids want scales on our tails, not our face after all!

If looking for a moisturizer made for sensitive skin, check out Eminence Organic Skin Care’s Calm Skin Chamomile Moisturizer. Enriched with soothing ingredients that relieve the skin of redness and irritation such as aloe vera juice, shea butter, and chamomile, this moisturizer is also loaded with antioxidant-rich essentials.

Make sure to dilute this product with either a toner of your choice or pure water to ensure an even, hydrating application.

Cheers to happy and glowing skin!

xo, SK <3


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