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Trusting the process of life

Sometimes all it takes is a perspective change to radically transform your state of well-being so that you can more easily accept what life throws at you.

Stop sidestepping out of your own life experience because you’re afraid to go down. Living precariously will lead to your inner-most fears dissipating into cleansed energy and your inner-most desires appearing in absolute brilliance.

Focus on the HIGHER viewpoint when faced with tribulations, regardless of the how “big” or “small “ the problem may feel. All experiences, big or small, are Divinely inspired and guided.

If it’s meant to happen, you better believe it will. If it’s not meant to happen, it WON’T. I cannot express this Universal Truth more candidly.

Once you begin to awaken and rest in the idea that you can make no “right” or “wrong” choice, your Spirit will be unshackled from false beliefs that have so devastatingly, yet purposefully, been imprinted in your mind so that you can achieve the sense of freedom you have always possessed. This may be a little difficult to comprehend at first because we have been so conditioned into thinking we aren’t worthy, all decisions have a consequence, and so forth, but once you begin viewing adversity from your Higher Consciousness, you will perceive how adored you truly are, my darling.

Now, I KNOW, this way of thinking is much easier discussed, rather than acted upon in the midst of chaos and passionate emotions, but with practice, it becomes your natural response. Days become more of an adventure, instead of a hassle. Your daydreams begin to merge with your reality. Your life simultaneously becomes a personal CREATION and Divine journey.

Be kind to yourself and be kind to others. We are all at different levels of awareness doing the absolute best we can in each moment. Compassion cures. Empathy heals.

If you wake up late for work, be grateful. Maybe this was the Universe’s way of protecting you.

If your plans fall through, be grateful. Maybe there’s something or someone better in store for you.

If you are confronted by a discontented individual, be grateful. Maybe your smile is all this person needed to turn a new leaf.

The bottom line here is… If life presents you with a circumstance or person you aren’t so fond of; handle it like the badass you are by not allowing it to handle you. Choose to think from the basis of a Higher Perspective and you will rise above the fear-driven resistance to growth we typically resort to. Run fiercely into the unknown, trusting in life's alluring process.

xo, SK <3


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