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Goodbye ego, hello soul

New moon in SCORPIO.

Scorpios unite, you sexy bitches!

Sending lots of good juju to all as this mystifying energy enchants us with Divinely received epiphanies and sacred, inner renewal.

As a Scorpio, LOVE bombards us in ways we didn’t know possible and therefore to release our bound-up passion, we sometimes act in inexplicable ways.

Because of the fear others will be made uncomfortable or judge me, I often find myself holding back the full expression of my soul’s desires.

These hesitant assumptions are derived from the ego, however, and not my True Self.

Woman with hair in the wind with a lot of color.

I challenge you to challenge your ego.

Goodbye ego, hello soul.

For instance, when I’m torn between revealing my True Self to others or remaining in my shell, I possess the power to confront and defuse my lower self by proclaiming,

“Ego, I appreciate your purpose in my life, but I don’t agree with what you’re tempting me to believe. I AM worthy of expressing myself in whatever ways I feel inspired to do so. And, I don’t give two shits about what others think of me!”

Show ‘em who’s boss by channeling your underlying badassery.

Your Intuition does not lead you down a rabbit hole of trepidation.

Fear may appear to be insurmountable when confronted with negative mind chatter and intimidating circumstances, but fear hasn’t won a single battle yet; and it never will.

Where my Halloweentown fans at?

I know, I know… Christmas seems to the stealing the spotlight, but because I practice the spirit of Halloween everyday in my world, I was recently hit with a new way to take on what we all butt heads with; bloody fear!

To help overcome my particular fears (although do take note this a work in progress; each moment is another victory), I simply adopted a zany mindset I’m sure many of you can relate to from past experiences.

Every October, I grew up going to haunted houses with loved ones although I’m still not sure why, considering I either had or nearly had an anxiety attack whenever a chainsaw appeared.

And no, I’m not talking about houses that have been labeled haunted, I'm talking Halloween Horror Nights/man-made/you wait in line for two hours and drink jello shots kinda haunted houses.

So, WHY does the fear feel so real in the moment when we know what’s creating the fear is fake?

A flashback of the first time I experienced a haunted house alone recently caught me off guard during a meditation.

Typically, I was the girl glued to the arm of whomever I could get my hands on and my eyes were closed so tightly I would literally walk away with mascara stains.

This go around, I was determined to stand my ground because ultimately, I was being terrorized by powerless illusions and my omnipotent Spirit was not okay with this.

Two skeletons in front of house with Halloween lights.

Walking under the “EXIT” sign of the haunted house surprisingly disappointed my Spirit. I was definitely relieved I had made it through, but I was ready for MORE.

Once you get a taste of fearlessness, you become curious to see what else you can overcome. Don’t get me wrong, I was scared shitless at times, but when I embraced my individual power; I felt unstoppable.

I knew in my heart of hearts these false perceptions of reality held no grip over what I chose my reality to be.

Life can sometimes feel like we are lost and frightened amidst what may appear to be a threat.

As in a haunted house, we sometimes forget what we are faced with is not real.

The zombie isn’t really out to get you. The blood on the walls isn’t really from the clown in It.

One must come to a place of understanding that the Universe works in a similar fashion in an oh so loving way.

The Universe places illusions on our life path in order to help us connect to our unconquerable Higher Selves.

Regardless of how much fear one may feel triggered by the false delusions placed in their reality, one can find ease that these illusions will soon fade and be transformed into pure, cleansed energy.

This too shall pass!

Mucho love to you.

xo, SK <3


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