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Gratitude grants your desires

What if you could have a say in how your day turns out?

What if you could attract more positive experiences into your life?

What if you could co-create your reality with the Divine Source? You freakin’ can, honeybee!

There’s so many ways you can play in your every day routine; you just have to have to ride the creative flow that aligns you most with your Authentic Self.

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Gratitude being the focal point of manifesting, I have been using a special method of writing gratitude lists to hone in on the specifics of day-to-day.

Why? Because gratitude grants your desires.

This manifesting technique is a simple concept you can physically jot down in a journal or in a note on your phone.

Side note: make your “me-time” as easy as can be so that all of your energy is focused on creating GOOD. Energy flows where attention goes!

~ Gratitude Exercise ~

Begin by writing two titles on a blank page labeled, “I’m so grateful YESTERDAY…” and “I’m so grateful TODAY…” Leave some space between the two so you have room to fill in your gratitude lists.

You are writing what you’re grateful for already happening and what you desire to happen.

Confused? Think of it as you are writing these lists from the perspective you have already lived both days although in actuality you have not.

You are acting “as if” in order to manifest your perfect day. You are pretending to have already lived the day before you in your mind so that your mind can magically bring it to life.

I typically fill out my lists before bedtime so that I can reflect on my day and visualize my best tomorrow. This works for me considering I stay up past midnight so the day I’m reflecting on technically is my “yesterday!”

For those of you who aren’t night owls, morning’s work too if you prefer!

Under the “yesterday” gratitude list, write down various things you are grateful for that actually occurred that day.

Under the “today” gratitude list, write down various things you are grateful for that haven’t occurred yet, but you are desiring to manifest.

By creating this list before you experience the day, you set in motion the vibrations of your desires which amplifies their ability to manifest in the physical world!

Thoughts become things; you’ve heard it before.

Play pretend and exchange that daydream in your head for your reality!

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Here’s an example of one of my recent entries…

I’m so grateful YESTERDAY, August 5th…

✿ Work went swimmingly

✿ I felt great throughout the day

✿ Everything that needed to be done, got done

✿ I was reunited with my sweet pup, Annie

✿ I enjoyed satisfaction of a hot shower

✿ Clean house feels filled me up

I’m so grateful TODAY, August 6th…

✿ Euphoria follows me around

✿ Living in the now feels natural

✿ For lot & lot of laughter

✿ Vortex vibes surround me

✿ Spirit's presence is undeniable

✿ My tribe of loved ones bring me great joy

Writing your lists one day ahead gives you the chance to put in your two cents on how your reality is molded.

As you wind down your day, enjoy the rush of untouchable joy when you notice desires on your list were truly fulfilled.

Gratitude and a sense of confidence the Universe will never let you down ushers in blessings with open arms.

Claim your blessings today, beauty!

xo, SK <3


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