Why should I use an eye cream? Gadgets & gizmos a-plenty

Believe it or not, I had never used an eye cream on a consistent basis until recently. I must say, I am pleased with the results I’ve seen, however, I also have a realistic expectation of what this handy, dandy eye cream can achieve for my skin. This being said, I feel the chosen marketing strategy for eye creams (and numerous other skin products) has disappointed countless consumers because of false and misleading advertising. Yes, eye creams are a killer addition to any skin care regimen, but they are not a magical potion with the power to rid all skin imperfections! Don’t be fooled by the outrageous claims of certain skin care brands. Do your research, seek out a trusted esthetician (I would love to help you!), and select an eye cream that will be worth it for you. Maybe one day the mermaids will gift us with that magical potion we long to discover!

The skin around our eyes is actually 10x thinner compared to the rest of our skin and contains very few oil glands. Because of this, we must be careful with what ingredients we choose to put around our eyes and how to properly apply our eye creams in order to avoid any irritation or unwanted wrinkles. Due to the eye area’s lack of oil, providing and retaining moisture will help reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. A well-formulated eye cream used regularly can hydrate, brighten, firm, gently exfoliate, and sooth the skin. Eye creams also address other skin concerns such as under-eye puffiness, dark circles, and broken capillaries. They do not claim to vanish our skin concerns completely, but they will certainly improve them over time!

Choose an eye cream with skin care ingredients that will ensure a positive result opposed to a negative. Seek out replenishing ingredients including hylaronic acid, ceramides, antioxidants, retinol, and neuropeptides. Avoid damaging ingredients such as mineral oil, petroleum, sulfates, and synthetic dyes and/or fragrances. When applying your eye cream, the rule of thumb is to be gentle! Using your ring finger with a pea-sized amount (this is all that’s needed!) of eye cream, pat and lightly massage the cream around your eye area without dragging or pulling the skin. You may apply the cream directly under your eye, but steer clear of your lash line. Product may make its’ way into your eye causing uninvited puffiness and inflammation to the party.

It’s never too early to incorporate an eye cream into your routine because prevention is key to healthy, beautiful skin as we grow older. I recommend introducing yourself to eye creams as early as in your early 20s! We must remind ourselves to practice patience with our skin care products. If you don’t see your desired result overnight, don’t fret! Eye creams specifically may take up to a month or so before you can expect to see more dramatic results. If you aren’t satisfied with the result after 4-6 weeks, I’d say it’s time to ditch what you have and find an eye cream best-suited for your skin care goals. Aside from the consistent use of an eye cream, other tips to keep your eye area in tip-top shape include wearing SPF 365 days a year (rain or shine!), wearing protective sunglasses, and refraining from rubbing your eyes.

“Make your story so beautiful mermaids have trouble believing it’s true.”

Wishing you a new year full of explosive efforts to love yourself and in turn share that love with others. There’s magic around every corner if you train your mind to see and experience it.