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Match your FREQUENCY with that of your Higher Self. 

Tune into feeling GOOD

Believe you are ALREADY healed: Reiki energy is merely reinforcing your wellness. 

Trust that Reiki energy, the fire-breathing, life-sustaining, ever-mighty, force of the Cosmos is resurrecting the FULLNESS of who you truly are. 


Reiki [ray-kee] is defined as “spiritually guided life-force energy.” A Reiki healer channels Reiki energy to themselves or another by using their hands. The healer is the conduit of this positive energy they have been attuned to via sacred ritual. 


All bets are off when it comes to what Reiki can do. One does not need to be physically touched to receive Reiki, nor does one need to be physically present with their practitioner. This is where distance Reiki comes into play! 


Because Reiki energy heals on a much deeper level than merely the physical, one is able to receive its benefits from anywhere in the world, regardless of where they may be receiving it from. Reiki heals you at an all-encompassing, spiritual level; its power permeates the boundaries of both time and space.  


This Japanese energy healing technique helps align you with your natural state of well-being. Reiki transmutes negative energy into pure, positive energy, cleanses one’s chakras and energetic body, awakens Love within, game-changes one’s vibration, relieves pain working to nix it at its source, and fosters harmony amongst one’s auric body. The list could go on, beauties; Reiki checks all the boxes.


Anyone and anything can receive Reiki, so long as they are open to it. Before I extend Reiki energy to an individual who is unaware of the healing, I ask their permission to proceed, so that their free will is honored. One must release the resistance they may be feeling in order to to allow the healing to take place. Surrender and it shall be

Reiki’s healing potential is not only offered to us humans, but also to animals and physical objects in need of some tender-lovin’ care. For example, if you have a pet that’s sick or a car that won’t start, Reiki can come to the rescue. Reiki can additionally be send towards conceptual ideas, such as a plan for the future, and daily happenings, such as a particular day or event. Because Reiki heals energetically, anything can benefit its balancing restoration. 


When I imagine channeling Reiki energy, I visualize it flowing from my hands as a Divine, iridescent light sparkling with rainbow hues. This Supremely-guided energy makes its way to where it’s needed, without any effort on my end; I am simply acting as a vehicle for Spirit.

What can you expect to feel when receiving a distant Reiki treatment? You may feel tingling sensations, warmth, or coolness throughout your body or in particular places. You may feel relaxed and at ease. You may feel the weight of negative energy escaping you. Each person responds differently to their personalized experience with Reiki. One can trust Reiki causes no harm, as its sole energetic purpose is to bring about the highest good for all. 

What can Reiki treat? The healing vibrations of Reiki are not limited to anything or anyone: it can be used to treat anything one desires. Reiki can facilitate healing to dis-eases of the mind and body, balance one’s emotional guidance system, relieve stress, promote trauma recovery, comfort grief, assist in pregnancy, heighten intuitive abilities, and much, much more! 


How are sessions done? Once you request a distant Reiki healing session, I will review the information you have provided and contact you to schedule our session. You can share as little as or as much information as you’d like with me; Reiki will work its magic either way.

How will I feel after the Reiki session? As mentioned previously, everyone responds differently to Reiki. The most common feeling is an overwhelming sense of peace, comfort, and joy. You may feel more energized, or you may feel more tired. Reiki may cause emotions to rise to the surface so that they can released and healed. It's recommended to drink a lot of water after your session. 


To request a distant Reiki session with your one and only, please go here!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here

xo, SK

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