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Your inner child is waiting for you

Regardless of age, we all have an inner child within us that craves acceptance, love, and devotion.

Our inner child deeply craves this attention from ourselves more than anyone else.

Only we can heal our past or current wounds often rooted in our childhood experiences.

Speak and show unconditional love to your inner child.

Rather than scolding or punishing this child as we so often do, embrace this innocent being with a love so inviting he/she continually runs to you without hesitation.

Create an inward, sacred space that allows your inner child to feel safe and comforted.

As we nurture our inner child, we are able to access and identify negative patterns or experiences in our lives, that upon discovering can be easily transformed and healed.

Recognizing and maintaining this relationship with our inner child can also help us work through present dilemmas and damaging belief systems. You gain a broader awareness of your personal reality by observing & responding to yourself as you would a precious child.

When you catch yourself being too hard on yourself, imagine acting in this manner to yourself as a child. This change of perception compels a gentle and compassionate response to oneself rather than such a harsh approach.

What did you need when you were that age? Who did you need? Give that to your inner child.

Recently having hopped on the journey of developing a relationship with my inner child, I was lead to write the poem below as a way to further connect with the darling babe I’ve neglected for far too long.

How liberating it is to write from the soul!

Even if poetry isn’t your thing, try free-writing to see what your inner child wants to reveal to you. There are countless inner child meditations accessible on YouTube as well.

My favorite’s are those guided by the lovely Louise Hay (go here!) These simple steps will ignite or carry on the process of inner restoration and renewal.

I softly gaze into my heart center

Life has shown me it’s okay to guard who may enter

Deep within I notice a lonely little girl

I wonder what will inspire her to dance and twirl

She notices my presence and runs away

I reach out my hand in an attempt to convince her to stay

She hides in a corner with knees up to her chest

I whisper to her what might make her feel blessed

She peeks up at me, sporting a bashful smile

I promise I will stay with her a long while

Her eyes sparkle with dazzling light

I bring her in closer to hold her tight

I embrace this little girl with deepest care

She quietly says this is an answer to her prayer

This little girl is me; in much need of self-love

I call upon my angels and guides from Above

I give thanks for this transformative healing,

As I look up from my heart center with sensational feeling

My inner child has set me free

She ever-presently reunites myself with the true ME

xo, SK <3

Little girl on swing. Embracing inner child energy.


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