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You're not what you think you are, you're much MORE

Man, 2017 has been one hell of a whirlwind, hasn’t it? Ups and downs, for sure. A few moons have dazzled us with their beauty since I’ve rallied up enough gumption to bring myself to write a new post, although I have been writing as part of my healing process (I’ll most definitely be getting more into that later!) each and every day.

Every day has been an adventure. Every day has been a day I have assumed I knew what would happen, despite being proven wrong. Life is full of uncertainty, but that uncertainty is good. It keeps us guessing. It’s rich with the spontaneity and serendipitous experiences that keep us alive.

I am excited to begin sharing my truths - the truths of the Universe blessedly given to me. Any belief system is welcome to embrace these truths because they are inspired by the Divine Love of ALL. Please, share your wisdom with me! Everyone is welcome. I am here to spread love, light, and awareness in a way that expresses my individuality through the channeling of angelic, mermaid-esque wisdom.

This past year, I received my certification from a Reiki Master as a First Degree Reiki healer, which I have been fervently practicing each week on myself and loved ones. I will soon be in training to gain the title of Second Degree Reiki healer, which will allow me the tools to help others align with their power within to heal themselves.

In less than two short months, I’ll also be graduating with my bachelor’s degree in metaphysical science to further the expansion of what I can offer to others. This year has shown me some really hard days, and throughout it all, the journey has lead me to a luminous spiritual awakening, which I look forward to sharing glimpses of what my intuition is encouraging me to speak about. Yes, I would love to help you with your skin, but I'm also here to help you look within. Woo! It's the condition of your heart that allows your true beauty to flow forth. Thank you for supporting my dreams! <3


You are not your mind. You are not your body. YOU are a spiritual being, a pure being of love and light, living out a human experience. Your human mind is SEPARATE from who you are, as you are only using this human mind and body to translate reality for you in this life you’ve chosen to experience on planet earth. You are an eternal being. You are a SOUL. You hold a state of mind and a state of SOUL. Choose to shift your perspective to observing your life as if you’re watching a movie that happens to star you as the leading role.

Recognize when there is lack of peace within yourself, it is because your thoughts and feelings are so off from what your TRUE SELF genuinely believes and genuinely IS. You are NOT what your thoughts might try to make you believe you are.

Less ego, more soul. At the center of your being, you know that sometimes the ego and soul make out to be opposing forces, but you hold tight to the truth that you have the power to tackle this rivalry. By mentally fusing mind, body, spirit into a harmonious triad of ONENESS, you set the stage for a life of prosperity and goodness you absolutely are worthy of and came here to experience.

Accept that you are NOT your mind, nor your physical body. You’re an eternal, non-physical being who is an extension of Source energy. You are pure LOVE, even when your mind begs you to believe you are not. Trust in your Higher Self. Connect to your Higher Self. Observe your thoughts like passing clouds on the sky without attaching meaning to them. Love yourself, day in and day out, knowing that in each moment you are choosing PEACE and LOVE over fear.

Your soul craves it’s natural state of well-being and your mind sometimes attempts to negatively affect or prevent you from really experiencing this beautiful and magical time on earth. Celebrate who you are and forget others... live vicariously through yourself! Own your power. Use your power.

Your mind can be compared to a computer you're navigating to assist you on your life journey. Like a computer, sometimes there are unwanted pop-ups that we could go without seeing. These pop-ups may irritate, distract, or alarm us, but we do not not jump to judge or immediately assume the computer is tainted or corrupt because of them.

Our brains work in a similar fashion. Intrusive, negative thoughts are like pop-ups that don’t define who we are in any way. These thoughts are reminders to the psyche that serve the purpose of redirecting yourself back to the true essence of your being. When your mind or “computer” begins to malfunction as it sometimes feels, you must assert your SUPREMACY with the backup of your spiritual forces which will ALWAYS win and achieve peace.

Don't allow another moment to go by without claiming your divinity. Imagine your life in the fullest, freest, and most loving way you can daydream. Place your hand on your heart and do your best to commit yourself to the belief that whatever you desire or daydream about will come to you. And if that something special doesn’t come in the way you so clearly thought it would, hold the faith that something even BETTER is on the way. The Universe has your back! Having fun living out your daydreams in reality.

xo, SK <3


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