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Why should I get a facial?

"I just want to be a mermaid!"

As facials have become more and more popular, there are still various people who have never been told the importance of facials and/or taking care of your skin on a daily basis.

Several women have asked me why they should add facials into their beauty budget and several men have questioned how facials would benefit them.

I wanted to give a run down on some of the top reasons I believe professional facials are a splendid touch to your overall wellness and self-love! Let’s dive in with some mermaid intuition, beauties…

1. Facials expedite your cell turnover rate. Aside from the question of why facials are essential, people often inquire how often they should receive a facial. A good thing to know is a little, BIG thing called cell turnover rate (CTR). Basically, your CTR is how long it takes for your old skin cells to shed so your younger skin cells can replace them once they reach the surface. Think of a snake shedding its skin.

As we get older, our CTR increases leading to dullness in the skin, sagging, skin build-up and more if you don’t properly take care of it. Something crazy to think about; as babies our skin turns over every 2 weeks, as middle aged about a month, and as 50 years old and older your skins turnover can escalate to only every 2 to 3 months!

When you get a facial, the exfoliation process helps SPEED UP this CTR so that you have fresh, newer skin on the surface, instead of dead, lifeless skin cells. In one treatment, you can go from “whoa…” to “GLOW."

I typically recommend getting a facial on a monthly basis because this keeps up with the CTR without being too costly or inconvenient.

2. The stimulation from facial massage extends numerous benefits. We all know massage feels good, but did you know it is also the secret to that envied, radiant skin? The massage performed during a facial helps to activate blood-flow and boost circulation causing your skin to react with a flattering glow.

The circulation boost additionally alleviates headaches, neck-tension, stress, and nervous disorders. Your facial muscles work equally as much as your other muscles, so they deserve some relief with some “face yoga” as some are starting to describe facial massage.

3. Facials deeply cleanse your pores. One of the more well-known benefits of facials is that is provides you with a deep pore cleanse, most likely enhanced by steaming the face. So, yes, facials take care of your pores and help to minimize their appearance.

Steam is an awesome tool used to accomplish this by loosening up clogged pores (a big no-no if you want acne-free skin) in preparation for extractions and product applications. Steam also stimulates blood-flow and increases circulation for that rosy finish, removes toxins which may be harming your skin, hinders the aging process through hydration, and most people find it rather relaxing.

4. Human touch is not taken for granted. The power of human touch is REAL and it is something that should not be neglected. Facials allow you to experience that therapeutic touch with a treatment that also enhances your skin with impressive results.

Frequent touch strengthens your immune system decreases our chance of disease.

Touch between individuals promotes a better trust and even the slightest touch can trigger the release of oxytocin which is what we refer to as the “love hormone.” Everyone needs a little more magical love in their life.

I encourage you to consider including a facial pampering sesh in your monthly beauty routine. You will be nurturing body, mind, and spirit. For that hour or so, I hope your mind is immersed with dancing images that makes you feel peaceful, loved, and confident as the mermaids sing you into your dreams.

xo, SK <3


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