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Who are we and why are we here?

This lifetime is for a Divine and extraordinarily purposeful reason.

I am a powerhouse. As are you.

I’ve observed myself go through patches of turmoil this past year whilst having the most vivacious, joyous, and present time of my life.

I am beyond appreciative for all of my experiences because I know each and every one is for the intention of evolving my soul to greater heights and helping others do the same.

Who are we and why are we here? I AM others. Others are ME. We are ONE. Source Energy, God, Higher Consciousness; there is no separation.

Our egos only perceive us as separate.

I am Source. You are Source. That’s all there is.

You are spark of the whole and the whole is love. Your existence alone is a template for Source to individually journey itself to the ultimate realization love is all there is.

This truly is the commonality among every soul’s purpose; understanding who they truly are, and that “they” are Source.

Neon sign "With all your heart," with a heart system.

You are here to be YOU. You are here to live your days according to what feels right to you, so long as it is does not harm yourself or others.

See the light, see the good in all things.

You are extremely blessed and taken care of in every moment. You illuminate the world with your Divine spark alone.

Without your imprint on reality, reality would cease to be. You are important. You are worthy. You are needed. You are apart of it all. All is apart of you.

Celebrate your universal repute. There are no wrong choices. There are no bad paths. There are no “If THIS would have happened, things would be better now…” kinda thoughts.

Complete surrender and trust to the Universe is what is required for you to have that life you just haven’t given up on having… because you know it’s already yours!

Celebrate your power to create your own reality, and really celebrate that whatever the outcome you are right where you are meant to be.

I’ve recently tried writing short poems as a way to connect to my Higher Self and untie suppressed emotions within.

I’ve really enjoyed my time writing because it’s helped me better listen and tune in to my intuition. I always feel as if I’m either swept away with inspiration in the moment to write or… I’m not.

I listen to the flow of my creative momentum within and this leads me to finding the perfect time to channel my bliss into words.

I no longer write when it feels like I'm creating more resistance for myself by straining to find the right words.

I now write when I intuitively feel I am ready to connect with my inner flow.

Try it out if you’re feelin’ like your soul is needing a release of some sort. Freedom is always available to you!

It is only our egos that convince us we must work to obtain something we already have within.

she is the flower in your hair

she is the tickle up your spine

she is the sway in your hips

she is unquestionably, Divine

she soothes you with her warmth

she sparkles on your skin

she charms your golden heart

she awes you with her grin

she is you, she is me

we are one, we are free

Back of long-haired woman's hair in ocean with sailboats around her.

Much love to you! May the mermaids meet you in your dreams tonight!

xo, SK <3


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