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The Universe is always speaking to you

The way to Truth is always within yourself. Go within to seek the answers and the answers will pour out.

Whether that be through a thought, image, feeling, sign, or sound; the Universe communicates in various ways.

It’s good to be kept our on toes after all, don’t cha think?

Underestimating the power of these silent, yet very loud conversations with the Universe can be fatal to your vibration.

The lower your vibration, the less aligned you are with Source Energy, causing you to feel out of sorts with yourself and have a weakened manifesting ability.

Listen to the Universe, even if what are hearing/seeing/thinking/feeling may seem too “out-there”, just go with it.

There’s no harm in seeing how something makes you feel. We sometimes are afraid of what we might feel, so we choose to run.

Be your own hero, don’t hide from your feelings; they are only temporary.

If you resonate with whatever you feel the Universe is trying to tell you, you will experience sensations of peace and connectedness.

If you don’t resonate, you’ll become overwhelmed with that “bad gut” feeling because hello sista, your intuition is calling!

Go with your immediate judgment call, otherwise your mind will attempt to logically charm you into thinking you are somehow making the “wrong” decision.

Thankfully, your vibration can uplift you out of the trenches of catastrophic thinking.

Emotions defy logic every time. Feel your way past the logic-feeding ego into the all-encompassing soul.

Two lady bugs on a tree branch.

So, how does this translate to as an experience on any given ordinary day?

A couple years ago, I was contemplating seeing a therapist. I had sought within by asking the Universe to guide me to the best therapist and by journaling what I was looking to receive from therapy.

I ended up getting a last minute appointment with a therapist I resonated with and on my way, my odometer lit up as “111111.”

Pure magick! I could feel Spirit’s energy surround me as I knew within my heart I was exactly where I needed to be. No second-guessing, total trust.

THIS is the experience of togetherness with Truth. Simple, yet incredibly powerful.

With the astrological new year upon us and the amplified energy of the Spring Equinox, tune into what gets you groovin’ and vibin’ high.

Be mindful of Spirit’s playful presence as it appears before you in dainty ways we sometimes easily dismiss.

We have to train ourselves to look for the magick in all things as if we are viewing life through the lens of our inner child.

Purity prevails and love reigns; life is good again.

~ Healing Ritual ~

Hands holding sparkly fairy lights.

In a sacred place, practice his healing ritual to create peace, centeredness, and bliss within yourself.

  1. First, smudge your area with an herb of choice and set whatever personal intentions you desire for this ritual.

  2. Place one drop of a soothing essential oil in the palm of your hands before you begin connecting with your breath. I've been using doTERRA essential oils for years and haven't been disappointed yet!

  3. Begin with slow inhaling and exhaling, getting deeper and deeper with your breaths.

  4. Imagine your chest area being filled with white, pure light. This light is directly from Source Energy. Channel healing energy by visualizing it within your mind’s eye and place your hands on your chest.

  5. Still imagining the white light, see this light growing larger and larger as you bring your hands closer.

  6. Feel the euphoria and love rush over your body.

  7. Whenever you are ready, you have completed your

healing ritual.

Surrender in knowing the Universe is always speaking to you.

xo, SK <3


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