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The meaning of a breakdown

Having a breakdown is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength. A breakdown is not purposed to break you.

The act of breaking down is a courageous effort to eradicate what is no longer adding to your well-being.

Following a breakdown is a breakthrough. And immediately following a breakthrough is a rebirth.

What once was, is no longer. Peace has entered the scene.

Pink butterfly resting on pink plant.

The discomfort felt during the breakdown transitions into clarity. The meaning of a breakdown comes to light.

A taste of nirvana is experienced while piecing together all facets of your existence.

Who you were, is past. Who you are, is present.

There is no greater feeling of relief than overcoming a breakdown. When you’re in the thick of it, hang on to knowing this too shall pass, and all will be well.

How Mother Earth is evolving and what’s transpiring around the world can be horrifyingly dreadful to observe, but it can also be amazingly beautiful.

There is light and there is darkness on this planet; this is fact and beyond our control.

We do have control as to where we focus on energy and whether we would like to bring light or spread darkness in this world.

Do not allow the darkness of a breakdown to prevent from you receiving its ultimate gift of light.

The darkness is not meant to trap you, but to transform you.

Recognize that things will only get better, and your desires are closer than they were.

Through the darkness and into the light you go, awaiting bliss on the other side.

xo, SK <3


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