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The goddess within you isn't looking to be tamed

Let your energy do the talking.

This is what others feel from you.

We are all instinctually intuitive to our gut feelings.

These premonitions often reveal to us the true character of an individual after perhaps only our first encounter.

I was once told to never rely on my gut or heart, but to rely on my mind. This tainted my way of thinking until I realized nothing could be less true. It’s actually the exact opposite!

Follow your heart. Listen to your gut. Be kind to your mind, but don’t allow a part of you to dictate the WHOLE.

When you begin living from your heart, life becomes a blossoming dance you never want to end.

Pure, positive energy electrifies you with vibrations powerful enough to transmute all negative energy within & surrounding you into LOVE.

Feel your body buzzing. Observe your calm state of mind. This is your natural state of well-being.

Allow these sensations to be remembered by your cells. Your body is made up of the Infinite Intelligence of all that is. This feeling is always reachable.

Tap into this high vibration by feeling your way to it. This begins with believing in your heart you you are worthy of eternal bliss and capable of experiencing it.

Do you believe you can have anything you want in the Universe? If you don’t, do yourself a favor and stop picking beliefs that tell you otherwise. And yes, picking! You have free will. Choose better beliefs.

How? Think and visualize what you desire to believe and it will come to be. A belief is only a thought repeatedly thought about!

Simple, yet the basis of our reality. It all begins with our thoughts.

Change your beliefs, change your life!

Goddess overlooking clouds of heavenly landscape.

The goddess within you is clawing to get out of the cage your persuasive ego has locked her in. Give her a key and set her free!

The Spirit within you always triumphs. She now will be charged with power to express herself without hesitation.

Your inner goddess is the wild card within you that saves the day. Extremely wise, she protects and guides you while sometimes throwing a a few flames in the mix.

She challenges you to be yourself unapologetically. Align yourself with her valiant spirit and follow her lead.

You will never be lead astray by the goddess within you.

~ Let’s talk skin care! ~

Breakouts are a commonality around the world that I just can’t imagine anyone jumping for joy when they appear.

We all have had a zit at one point. We all have pores that need to be regularly cleaned.

In the US alone, over 50 million people suffer from acne!

So, what can you do to prevent these bad boys from popping up or worse, spreading?

Girl with light green eyes and beautiful, clear skin.

1. Use acne products wisely.

Acne products rock when they are used properly. The key is to not overuse acne products and be mindful of ingredients. This will prevent drying out your skin which surprisingly leads to more breakouts.

When the skin is depleted of moisture, the oil production is kicked up a gear to compensate for the loss. The more oil, the more likely it is for your pores to clog up which triggers unwanted acne.

It’s all about achieving the balance between your skin being hydrated and your pores being deeply cleansed from gunk such as oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells.

2. Wash your face after your sweat.

A simple tip to steer clear of skin inflammation is to make it a priority to wash your face after you workout or sweat. The longer you wait to wash your face, the more time your pores have the chance to solidify the oil.

Think of frying bacon in a pan and what happens to the grease as it cools down. It thickens! This similarly happens to the sweat on your skin as it sits and seeps into your pores.

If you can’t wash your face, keep some cleanser pads in your bag for a quick go-to or splash your face with warm water ASAP.

3. Ice, ice baby!

You wake up and notice a new friend has decided to join you; a pimple.

Gently place an ice cube over the inflamed area and let it sit until it starts to be slightly painful. Remove the ice, allow the area to warm up again, and repeat this process 4-5 times.

Bacteria and the cold don’t get along so this little trick will help kill the bacteria and reduce swelling!

Lots of love to you! Sending healing Reiki energy your way.

xo, SK <3


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