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The beauty ritual of facial cleansing

What if I were to tell you your skin was out of whack because you weren’t on a consistent cleansing routine with the use an effective cleanser? This unfortunately is the case for many uninformed or misguided people… FORTUNATELY, there is a simple solution that could solve some, if not all of your skin matters!

I think we all firsthand know the importance and select benefits of cleansing our skin on a regular basis.

Aside from the naturally secreted oils and dead skin cells hanging out on top of your skin, your skin is exposed to numerous elements throughout the day such as pollution, the sun, chemicals, and bacteria. Our skin’s surface is covered with a protective, thin layer labeled as our acid mantle.

The goal here is to keep our acid mantle balanced so that our skin can shield us from the unwanted more efficiently and provide the basis for that glowing, healthy skin we crave!

Taking time to cleanse our skin morning and night is something you DON’T want to skimp on. If the foundation of your skin routine is flawed, it will be a daunting and drawn-out process towards correcting your skin.

Choose the alternative by treating yourself to a morning and night beauty ritual dedicated to your nourishing your skin. I find when I treat my daily regimen as if I’m drifting into a peaceful oasis, lavishing myself with products, I look forward to taking care of my skin opposed to adding another thing on the to-do list.

Practice zenful habits such as lighting a candle, applying your favorite facial masque, and soaking in an essential oil infused warm bath. Your soul and skin will beg for more!

Choosing a cleanser that is best for you is sometimes the tricky part due to false information linked to widespread marketing and lack of education. Your desired result from a cleanser is thoroughly-cleansed skin without the squeaky clean, tightened effect opposed to popular belief.

You want a cleanser that keeps your acid mantle BALANCED, not stripped by harsh, drying ingredients! This in turn, will allow other products applied afterwards to work more effectively in improving your skin.

Do your research when selecting a cleanser best-suited for your skin type. What do you prefer… Foaming or creamy? Fragrant or odorless? The list could go on.

Ingredients to SCOPE OUT include antioxidants, hylaronic acid, and alpha/beta hydroxy acids, etc.

Ingredients to AVOID include any drying sulfates, alcohols, synthetic colors, fragrances, etc. When in doubt, investigate your ingredient list (the higher the ingredient on the list, the higher amount of that ingredient in the product!)

The mermaids gifted me the opportunity to work with and explore Eminence Organic Skin Care. I have fallen in love with this company due to their extensive research and efforts to improve and preserve our skin in a way that honors our Mother Earth as well.

As mentioned in my previous blog post featuring Monoi oil, my favorite Eminence cleanser is the Monoi Age Corrective Cleanser which smells heavenly. I highly recommend checking out any of their cleaners if you are serious about correcting and maintaining luminous, healthy skin!

xo, SK <3


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