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Surrender paves the way to ultimate inner peace

I think miracles into existence.

I daydream my desires into reality.

I surrender to the Divine force that makes this possible.

Girl floating with her eyes closed in clear ocean water with colorful bikini top.

How often do you find yourself trying to control aspects of your life that are clearly out of your control?

Charged with fear, we tend to steer our lives with a tight grip rather than loosening up to make way for faith.

Faith being the the “F” word we’re so often intimidated by because of what it asks us to do — exchange our personal attempts of control for complete trust all things are working out for us on an ethereal scale.

What we can control among this world of miscellaneous occurrences is our state of being. Our thoughts and our choices. How we act and how we react. What we choose to believe or choose not to believe.

We oversee the power within ourselves, not anyone else or anything else. We do possess the magical ability to influence our realities by joining forces with universal laws such as the law of attraction, but we cannot guarantee the outcome of these pursuits, for there is always something greater at work.

We must surrender to the Higher Power beyond us to welcome inner peace rather than inner angst.

We must surrender for inner peace.

For things out of our control, what else can you do but sit back and trust the unfolding? Ultimately, there is nothing to worry about because what will be, already IS.

Believe that what happens in each moment was meant to be.

This may be difficult to understand or agree with from the human point of view, but the Great Spirit residing over all truly does have our backs and best interest at heart.

Surrendering to Divine Love is definitely not an easy task for most. I personally struggle with this on a daily basis because of past programming that lead me to believe I was solely responsible for making everything right and perfect in my life.

For those of you like myself who have perfectionist tendencies, this concept may be even more of a challenge because it requires us to take a step back and acknowledge that everything is perfect exactly the way it is, even if our ego is saying otherwise.

Once you get a taste of what it feels like to finally let go of things out of your control, this feeling of freedom will have you hooked.

Sweet relief soars through your body, peace occupies your heart, and worries are dissolved from your mind.

Rather than chasing after this sense of freedom, let it come to you by choosing to live joyfully in the present moment, the NOW, knowing it's the only place you’ll ever experience true bliss and satisfaction.

Two hands together with "Free" finger tattoos.

Trust that God makes a way when there is no way. Trust that your needs are always met. Trust that all things are working together in your favor and for the good of all. Trust that you are doing the very best you can in each moment.

You can either choose to live in love or live in fear. Peace begins with yourself, and peace stays with you by letting go.

The more I let go,

the higher I rise.

xo, SK <3


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