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So long, intrusive thoughts

Do you ever feel like you have thought Frankensteins roaming around inside your brain? Intrusive thoughts you can intellectually break down as irrational and useless, yet you can’t seem to shake off?

These little monsters continually torment you and drain your energy, leaving you with what feels like little to no control of your mind.

Frankenstein headshot.

You begin to wonder if there's a way out of this tumultuous chaos that’s somehow found it’s way in.

You feel stuck in the pandemonium that has now manifested as your mental state of being.

By trying to not think of what you don’t want to think about, you can’t help but continue to think about the very thing you don’t want to think of.

Yikes! This vicious cycle is difficult to break, but not impossible.

You have the power to kick some Frankenstein ASS... so long intrusive thoughts!

First and foremost, you must remember who you are. YOU are constructed perfectly and divinely by the one, the only — the Universe.

Your cosmic nature is unfathomable, let alone given worthiness by being put into words.

You hold the infinite amount of power and magic within the mere tip of your fingertips. You are a beautiful soul bursting at the seams with love and light.

Take the time to truly connect with your Divine Self and believe this to be true.

Now for these daunting thoughts that make you question your sanity and emit a dirty energy; these thoughts are not you! You are not your thoughts.

I repeat; these thoughts are not you, you are not these thoughts.

You (Cosmic Consciousness/Higher Self/Spirit/God-Self) are simply observing these thoughts as they come and go.

The mind pours out a stream of thought ruled by 90% of the subconscious. These 90% of thoughts are random, creative associations of the brain.

This percentage can decrease once you assert your dominance over the mind because you are in control! Your consciousness is always superior.

The mind is a physical body of energy that is your way of perceiving your reality on this earthly plane. It’s like a computer which you navigate to assist you on your life journey.

Like a computer, there are sometimes pop-ups that are unexpected and unwanted. Our brains work in the same fashion.

Intrusive thoughts are like pop-ups that don’t define who we are or pertain to our innate essence in any way. When we see a pop-up on a computer, we don’t question the computer’s abilities or suddenly label it as tainted. We click off of it and move on with our business.

The same goes when we are bombarded with intrusive thoughts within. We can acknowledge them and then choose do whatever we think is best with the thought.

Trash it, act upon it, tuck it away, etc. You put the power back in your own hands rather allowing the thought to dictate you.

Girl with long hair laying down in grass with flowers in her hair.

Accept that you are not your mind, nor your physical body.

You are an eternal, non-physical being who is an extension of God.

You are pure LOVE, even when your mind begs you to believe you are not. You are absolutely in control of your mind and body.

Yes, there are uncontrollable functions of the mind and body such as the body healing a scab within a few days or the mind producing intrusive thoughts, but you have the power to control what you do or say, and more specifically, how you direct your thoughts each day.

Your Angels, Guides, Guardians, Spirit Team, and all spiritual forces of love and light are always with you.

You’ve got BACK-UP, honeybun! Call upon them anytime and they’ll be there. If they’re not already ;)

Enjoy this lovely October energy! May all of your manifestations come to be. So long, intrusive thoughts!

xo, SK <3


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