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Skin care travel guide

Just because you’re on a vacation doesn’t mean you can take a vacation from caring for your skin.

Consistency with your skin care is what produces the real results.

Don’t neglect your skin, but be kind by choosing to nourish it.

Taking good care of your skin while traveling is possible, and can be done easily and effectively.

Follow the tips below to guarantee you are doing all you can to bring your skin’s A-game when traveling.

Airplane flying in pink sky.

1. Pack the essentials.

If you use multiple products and skin care tools for your daily regimen, it can be difficult to pack it all. To lighten the load when traveling, I only pack what I consider my skin care essentials: cleanser, SPF moisturizer, & a serum/face oil.

These 3 products are all I need to satisfy my skin’s needs. I can depend on a cleanser to maintain my skin’s natural barrier, SPF to protect me from the sun, and a serum/face oil to keep my skin hydrated and refreshed with antioxidants.

Everyone can benefit from packing a cleanser and SPF moisturizer, but what kind of serum/facial oil you bring along is reliant upon A) your skin type and B) what you are looking to treat and prevent.

For example, if you have dry skin, you may want to use a rich facial oil, such as rose hip, to hydrate your skin.

However, if you have oily skin, you may want to use a serum with salicylic acid to combat breakouts.

This being said, there are various facial oils that benefit oily skin as well.

Your essentials may be different than only these three products. This is just what has personally worked well for me, having combination skin that leans more on the dry side.

Your skin care regimen is unique to you. Intuitively listen to your skin and offer it what it’s asking for.

2. Close the airplane window.

If you are traveling in an airplane during the daytime and seated next to the window, close it to keep out harmful UV rays.

Protect your skin with a moisturizing SPF before your flight.

This will not only safeguard you against the sun, but it will assist your skin retain moisture that is so easily depleted from the low-humidity on airplanes.

Woman with hat and sunglasses raising hand in sunflower field.

3. Bring sunglasses and a hat.

If you plan to be outdoors for your travels, even if that entails simply taking a stroll in the sunlight, have a pair of sunglasses or a hat handy for you to take advantage of.

These, along with ample sunscreen, are especially recommended if you are participating in daytime outdoor activities, such as boating, sports, or hiking. The sun’s rays don’t play!

4. Pack a small bag of disinfectant wipes.

No, these are not for your skin, but they can be used to regularly clean your phone.

Researchers at the University of Arizona have discovered that our phones are ten times dirtier than your average toilet seat.

Your face frequently touches your phone, therefore a phone devoid of bacteria, is a phone our skin wants.

Prevent the spread before it even starts!

5. Assess your pimple.

There’s nothing like going on vacation to wake up with a huge zit the next morning.

If this happens, resist the urge the extract your pimple until you visibly see a whitehead on its surface.

If you see a whitehead, you can manually extract it, swiftly cleaning the skin afterwards and applying serum + moisturizer. Send healing energy to your skin and assure it everything will be okay.

If you don’t see a whitehead yet, hang tight and take care of that pimple like it’s a newborn child. Speak lovingly too it and lovingly to yourself.

Feminine hands holding skin care product on white background.

Gently cleanse your face and apply your serum + moisturizer. If you are prone to breakouts, and have a spot treatment on hand, apply that bad boy on your problem area.

From here, patiently wait until either a whitehead has formed or the pimple has cleared up on its own.

If you jump the gun and decide to squeeze or pick at your pimple before it’s ready, you’re actually pushing the bacteria and gunk in deeper, possibly causing more breakouts in the surrounding area.

Act like your pimple is a crime scene. If you touch it, you jeopardize evidence. Hence, resist the temptation to pop or pick!

Happy and safe travels to you! If you have any questions about your skin care regimen, or what to pack when traveling, feel free to message me via my contact page or Instagram.

May your skin beam from the joy within you and may this skin care travel guide bode you well!

<3 xo, SK


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