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Skin care from a spiritual perspective

So, your skin’s got a personality of it’s own and nothing you do seems to be helping? Bear with me, but my advice is temporarily forget everything you know about skin care! From time to time, bettering your skin has nothing to do with products, routines, treatments, diet, sleep, exercise, you name it… Skin issues may not be responding to your external efforts because your internal state is really what needs to tended to.

While a devoted skin care practice is most definitely important to implement into your daily life, it’s sometimes necessary for us to go directly to the root of what’s causing our skin to go haywire. And the root is always SELF-LOVE.

The bottom-line is, are you loving yourself or not? How are you treating yourself? How are you viewing yourself? By going straight to the source of what’s really causing your skin to enter crisis mode, you will be well on our way to a radiant and healthy complexion.

Our skin mirrors our inner wellness. Our cells, little centers of consciousness, are always listening to our thoughts and responding accordingly to what we tell them.

If you are constantly telling yourself things such as, “I have a horrible complexion. My skin looks awful today. I’ll never have clear skin. I hate myself. I don’t feel beautiful” or whatever negative thought you’re used to falling trap to, your body will respond by giving you more of that.

When you create a loving commentary for ourselves by thinking thoughts such as, “I look beautiful today. My skin is perfect as it is. I love myself. It feels so good to be me. I send love to my skin. I feel like I’m glowing” your body will deliver more of that to you!

I’ve recently hit a rough patch with my skin. Life has been nothing short of stressful and circumstances have certainly taken a toll on my self-esteem.

As an esthetician, I am always committed to taking care of my skin by maintaining a daily regimen, receiving regular esthetic treatments, being mindful of not touching my face, always wearing sunscreen…the works!

When my skin started “misbehaving” I knew something was off within myself because I hadn’t changed anything in my everyday routine, tried any new products, drastically changed my lifestyle, etc. As a grown ass woman, I decided to take responsibility for the self-love I was lacking and devote myself to growing the inner love I knew I was capable of feeling. Can this be difficult at in the beginning? Yes. Is it worth it? Hell yes!

Where to begin? Loving yourself may come off as quite the daunting task at first, especially if you have been doing the opposite. It does become easier as you consistently strive to make this your number one priority, however. Loving yourself should be your top priority because it is the basis of manifesting all good things in your life.

When you love yourself, you better love others. When you love yourself, your body loves you back. Below are my top tips and tricks for practical ways you can amplify your self-love journey which will in turn help you achieve brighter, beautiful skin!

1. Tap your way to falling in love with yourself! EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping is an amazing and extremely easy technique that recalibrate one’s energy system to align one with their natural state of well-being. It eliminates energy blockages within the body that may be contributing to mental, physical, or emotional issues. It helps one to let go what is no longer serving them, including limiting beliefs that aren’t helping one to love themselves.

Sometimes referred to as “psychological acupuncture,” one uses their fingertips to tap on different energy meridians on the body as one would use needles in acupuncture. If this is completely new to you, it may sound a little out there, but I can testify that this does help when done consistently and can sometimes provide immediate results!

There are thousands of YouTube videos that teach you how to tap or provide a follow-along session. Check out my favorite guy, Brad Yates, in this follow-along 5 minute tapping session on self-love! Go here!

2. Sit down in front of the mirror, NAKED, and say your favorite affirmations while looking at yourself in the eye. Wholeheartedly speak the words to yourself with as much feeling as you can generate. If being naked is too much for you in the beginning, ditch your birthday suit and simply be with yourself in front of the mirror as you affirm words of loving positivity.

Again, this technique may seem silly to you, but it truly is powerful and transformative. Affirmations help you rewire your subconscious mind and align it with the beliefs you want to have about yourself and how you want to feel so that you will consciously reap the benefits.

While you’re at it, TAP on the different meridian points while saying your affirmations aloud to get even more bang for your buck!

3. Take some time to daydream up the absolute ideal version of yourself and write that shit down. Write down as many details as possible about the kinda girl that would be easy to love if that girl were you. Begin every point by either using “she” or “her.”

Here’s the catch though, at the end of your list, end it with, “SHE is ME!” You can be the girl of your dreams. You are that girl. If you don’t believe that, your self-love journey will help you awaken and embody that inner goddess awaiting her debut.

Take it one day at at time and always, always be kind to yourself. Negative thoughts may try to outsmart you, but don’t buy their false accusations. Only listen to thoughts that define and describe your true essence of love, beauty, and magic. Be the woman you know you are; a passionate warrior who loves herself deeper than the cosmos can reach.

xo, SK <3

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