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Revamp your skin routine with facial massage

The benefits of facial massage are out of this world.

Defy aging by committing to monthly facials and incorporating facial massage into your everyday skin care routine!

The mermaids have directed my attention to the importance of facial massage and how it positively affects your skin.

Facial massage will give an instant lifting, toning, and brightening effect to the skin, increase circulation, enhance lymphatic drainage, and ease your mind, body, and Spirit into a relaxed state of being.

A study done by The User Science Institute showed that people had an improvement in mood and decrease in anxiety levels after receiving 45 minutes of facial massage!

As a result, the less stressed you are, the easier it is to maintain healthy, glowing skin. Facial massage can also help alleviate allergy symptoms including sinus congestion. Add steam to the equation and you will feel immediate relief.

Revamp your skin routine with facial massage by checking out these simple, go-to massage techniques that anyone can try!

Beautiful woman in teal one piece laying in clear, blue ocean water.

1. Frow Lines.

To address frown lines in between your eyebrows, manipulate the wrinkles by pressing up, apart, and over the eyebrows with a firm pressure. How do you decide your massage technique?

A rule of thumb to follow for massaging wrinkles is to massage them perpendicular to how they form in order to smooth them out.

Frown lines are vertical lines, so you will massage horizontally. To click the “undo” button with these stubborn wrinkles, you will massage them by spreading them apart.

2. Forehead lines.

Forehead lines are actually the result of a sagging scalp. These wrinkles appear horizontally.

To soften these fine lines and wrinkles, spread the wrinkle out vertically between your thumbs.

Scalp massages firm and tighten the forehead to prevent drooping and loose skin.

If you’re a sucker for scalp massages like me, you can look forward to their added anti-aging perk!

3. Smile lines.

Boost that collagen and elasticity in your smile lines by using your thumbs to massage horizontally down your nasolabial folds.

This same motion can be practiced around the lips as well if there are areas of concern.

Be sure to apply a firm and steady pressure to further relax the facial muscles and release unwanted tension.

Take advantage of these massage techniques daily to see optimal results.

You can easily incorporate them into your morning and night skin care regimen by massaging with product as you go.

OR, if you’re looking to invoke the radiant goddess within you, make this more of a ritual. Massage yourself with your favorite facial oil while meditating on positive affirmations and self-love provoking thoughts. (Facial oils can be used by any skin type!

If you’re nervous about breaking-out, cleanse your face and moisturize as usual after the massage.)

Aside from all that hair brushing, maybe mermaids achieve that beautiful, porcelain skin by practicing facial massage.

xo, SK <3


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