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3 practical ways to raise your vibration

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Are you truly awake? Are you in the KNOWN? How well do you feel you’re navigating through your every day life? Are you mostly vibin’ high or do you feel you can’t catch a break?

Ponder these questions and answer them sincerely in your heart. Once you’ve evaluated yourself without bias as best you can, think of what actions you can take to ensure you’re consistently on the up and up!

Below are my top 3 ways of raising my vibration and maintaining a high vibe!

1. Move your body, girl.

Shake your money maker, pop lock and drop it, get intimate with your love, practice a yoga flow, head-bang at a concert, play around with your pets— the options are endless!

You just wanna make sure you’re physically moving, so that all that stagnant energy around and within you can be stimulated for good.

"Everything is connected" yellow, neon sign.

2. Cry!

“Wait, what? Crying's going to raise my vibration?” might be your go-to thought, but this release of bottled up energy feels absolutely glorious! By catering to your emotional needs, you create a space of healing for yourself that allows you to let go of what’s no longer serving you.

The shedding of tears helps you to literally shed the energy of what is causing you to be emotional in the first place. Giving yourself permission to cry is difficult for some because they have been raised that crying is a sign of weakness; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Crying provides freedom for you, which empowers you with more strength. Get a good ole’ fashioned cry in every once and while and you’ll notice the things that were bothering you no longer are and your vibration is raised to meet that of your True Self.

3. Maintain a non-stop attitude of gratitude; 24 hours, 7 days a week.

If you get to sleep under a secure roof, in a cozy bed, with working A/C; be grateful! If you live paid-check to paid-check, but manage to always keep food on the table; be grateful! If you laugh on a daily basis; be grateful! If you’re conquering an illness, but can still walk and talk; be grateful!

Whatever you encounter in your daily affairs; be grateful! When we express gratitude for what we have now, this opens the channel for the Universe to bless us with even more.

These are easy things to implement into anyone’s daily life. Move around, keep up a gratitude attitude, & don’t feel the need to hold back any tears!

Your vibe is only going up from here.

Soak it in, goddess!

xo, SK <3


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