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My morning & nighttime skin care routine as an esthetician

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Taking care of my skin has integrated itself into my life as daily rituals which center my spirit each morning and night.

Practicing self-care keeps me grounded and in the present moment.

The nourishment I willingly give to my skin and body in turn energetically nurtures my soul.

The more you send love to yourself, even amidst the times when you feel it the least, it will always, always come back to you.

I’ve been asked what my skin care routine consists of and I would love to share what it is that helps me achieve and maintain a polished, healthy glow!

Morning Routine:

First things first, I like to keep to keeps things pretty simple because I love traveling and lugging around bags full of skin care products is not my thing.

Less is more, right ladies?!

I start my day by cleansing my face (every step of my skin care regimen I extend the product to my neck & décolleté as well) with a sulfate-free, lightly exfoliating, antioxidant-infused cleanser.

I’m currently using Eminence Organic Skin Care’s Blueberry Soy Exfoliating Cleanser which smells heavenly and gets the job done.

I like to use warm water as I massage the cleanser into my skin in upward motions for around 30 seconds to a minute.

After thoroughly rinsing off the cleanser and patting my skin dry, I make sure I reach for my serum first thing to prevent my skin from dehydrating.

Vitamin C serums in the AM have stolen my heart. With any Vitamin C serum, I recommend firmly pressing it on your skin opposed to massaging it in to ensure the product will give you optimal results with little to no irritation.

Following this, I put my moisturizer on for the day which I make sure includes a minimum SPF of 15.

I generously apply my moisturizer and end my morning facial massage sesh with a little pop on my cheeks to get the blood flowing. Ow, ow!

I don’t like applying make-up immediately after my skin care routine because I have found this personally makes for a less even application.

Allowing the products to fully absorb into my skin, I prefer to do my make-up after at least 10 minutes has passed.

Voilà - my skin is ready for the glorious day ahead!

Nighttime Routine:

I make it a priority to wash my face every night, no matter how much sangria I may have had...

I hate the grimy feel of my skin after not washing it after a day of work and play. I first cleanse my face thoroughly with the Eminence Blueberry Soy Cleanser with the aim of getting as much make-up off as possible.

This does a pretty good job, but because of this cleanser’s creamy consistency, I like to do a second cleanse to really remove all traces of unwanted bacteria and gunk.

I then either use coconut oil to remove the rest of my eye make-up or a make-up remover cloth which I make sure to wash on the reg to prevent any break-outs.

Every other night I incorporate a more abrasive exfoliating product into my second cleanse which amazingly helps remove dead skin to reveal the new layer of skin awaiting it’s debut.

I’m currently using Eminence’s Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant containing all sorts of delicious ingredients which I have been extremely happy with.

I saw results after the first use! It comes in a powder that I mix about a dime-sized amount with a small pump of my cleanser and massage it into my skin.

I sometimes let this sit for a few minutes if I’m I'm the shower before I rinse it off. This extra time of deeper exfoliation and shower steam paves the way for one hell of a make-up application!

On the nights I don’t implement the dermafoliant into my second cleanse, I instead opt for an exfoliating, active serum. Right now, I mix it up between using a retinol (Vitamin A) or glycolic acid (alpha hydroxy acid) serum. I rub this into my skin gently and follow it by massaging in a nighttime moisturizer typically excluding SPF.

The last step of my nightly routine is maybe my favorite thanks to landing the best eye cream I’ve gotten my hands on; Eminence’s Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream! I love this baby because it comes with a stainless steel rollerball which gives you a smooth application that feels divine and doesn’t tug on your skin.

Galaxy with bright stars and fog.

There you have it - my morning and evening skin care routine as an esthetician! Once a week I make time to give myself a facial which includes either a peel of some sort or a masque… or both!

It all depends on what my skin needs. It has an intelligence of it’s own. You just have to intuitively tap in, listen, and feel. Your body is always communicating with you.

A short mantra to end with to leave you in a state of alignment with your TRUE and beautiful Self. Much love to you all!

I am loved unconditionally by the Creator of the Universe.

I AM the Creator of the Universe.

Life is easy for me. Abundance flows my way. I

am deserving of my many blessings.

I ask and I receive.

Source Energy is always listening and responding to me in the most positive, compassionate way.

I am a vibrational match for my desires in this vibrational reality. I

am connected to my Inner Being.

There is a sanctuary full of my dreams waiting to be fulfilled.

All moments are filled with magic. I

am in touch with who I truly am.

I don’t allow others negative energy to negatively effect me.

I easily let go and surrender to trusting the Higher plan of all. I

follow my bliss. My bliss follows me.

And so it is!

xo, SK <3


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