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Manifest with positive thinking

Manifest like the baddie you are...

It’s your birth right ⎯ claim it!

Crystal cluster on holographic background.

You wanna know what really grinds my gears? Seeing people, including myself, downplay their power and accept their negative narratives as realities.

This is lame behavior, and we know it. We’ve done the work, we’ve learned the things, we’ve applied the practices, but why are we still settling for less than our true, deepest heart’s desires?

It’s because we’re still allowing fear and doubt to get in the way! Shame on us. Just kidding, shame solves absolutely nothing, but on the real, WE CAN DO BETTER.

The sad excuses we come up to explain our lack of energetic alignment are getting old. Fed up with the mundane, our souls are ready for some real action!

The thing is: manifesting is easy. After all, it’s an innate ability we all possess as co-creators with Spirit on this Earth plane. The difficult part is surrendering to the ease of the process. Let go of control and receive your blessings!

Trust the Divine timing of how and when they’re delivered. Tune into faith and tap into abundance.

Your life can literally change over night, or even in an instant. You know this because you’ve experienced it. If it’s happened already, who’s to say it won’t happen again?

Ye of little faith! Snap out of your unconscious beliefs and infiltrate your mind with conscious beliefs that will set you free.

Think about it... what thoughts are really running through your mind each day? And how can you train your brain to shy away from negative thinking and usher in positivity?

It’s a daily process of connecting with that that monkey mind of ours. Each day, you must make conscious choices to sift through your thoughts and focus on the good ones. Repeatedly thinking thoughts is the foundation of what creates our beliefs.

Where your attention goes, energy flows!

Be mindful to redirect your thoughts to those flowing from the soul and higher self, not spewing from the ego and lower self.

If you think of something negative, counteract that thought with a positive thought. Consistency will pay off, but give yourself grace if you find this challenging. It’s a practice!

Catch yourself in the moment so that thought patterns are less likely to form and create negative beliefs in the long-run. Transform the energy, magical being!

Don’t think you’re capable? You already do it 24/7. Remember, you are Source Energy expressing itself.

You’ve got the power! Use it.

Negative thoughts vs. positive thoughts table.

The more often you replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts, the more aligned you will be with your dream reality.

Elements of what you consider your heaven on earth will begin showing up in your life until you’re completely immersed in your own personal paradise.

xo, SK <3


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