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Learn to love, honor, & accept yourself

"Less perfection more authenticity."

Perfectionism is another man-made concept that makes us scratch our head, because who’s to say what’s “perfect” and what’s not?

We grow accustomed to common ideals of perfection, but never recognize the writing on the wall: these ideals of perfection are mere opinions.

Forsake the goal of achieving perfection and focus on being yourself. Be in your own element, without wondering if your element is good enough.

The more you are authentic to yourself, the more the Universe can work its magic through you. When you strive for perfection, you block creative energy that is dying to be released.

Surrender to who you are. You are love and light at the core of your being, continually supported by Spirit.

Below are 5 ways you can love, honor, and accept yourself as you journey through each new day!

1. Give yourself the same slack you give your loved ones.

We often let our loved ones off the hook more often than we let ourselves. We give them the benefit of the doubt, believe they're the bigger person, and fully understand the depth of their worth.

However, when it comes to ourselves, we are quick to judge and not think we are worthy.

Begin treating and responding to yourself as you would to a loved one. Rather than immediately picking apart yourself, approach yourself with care.

Treat others the way you want to be treated, and treat yourself the way you treat others.

2. Recognize that everyone is “perfect” in the eyes of Spirit.

This concept may ruffle some feathers, but Spirit/God/Source views each of us as perfect entities because we are expressions of itself.

Although we sometimes choose to be absent from Source, we are always linked by the light of holiness that is Source.

When we return to our non-physical forms in what we think of as Heaven, any “imperfections” will cease to be.

We can tap into that energy now by continuing to be ourselves, unapologetically. Learn to love yourself by learning to truly love others!

3. Avoid self-sabotaging behaviors.

If you feel you have made a mistake, do what is in your control to correct it and move forward.

Don't ruminate on what you could have done differently, but accept what happened, happened, and show yourself some love.

You’re trying your very best each day and are doing great. Don’t allow some silly “mistake” to interfere with your inner peace.

4. Surround yourself with uplifting individuals

Who you allow in your bubble really does make a difference in your mental mindset. If you have friends that discourage you, you will find it more difficult to maintain a positive attitude about yourself.

Spend time with people that fire you up and boost your confidence!

We all need some good hype friends in our life.

5. Learn to love yourself by learning more about what makes you tick.

Observe your emotions and thoughts when you feel you are imperfect, or have made a mistake.

Analyze where these feelings and thoughts are stemming from.

Notice any particular triggers and confront them head on.

Believe in your strong-minded nature and overpower this negativity with positivity.

Your mind may feel like it has you in a chokehold, but your Spirit is the fighting champion.

xo, SK <3


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