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It's only an illusion; fear vs. love

Blue butterflies flying around in forest.

Fear itself was not purposed to be dangerous, however recognizing when one has fallen trap to the illusion of fear, action needs to be taken.

One must be guided back to the opposite of fear; LOVE.

Fear can rear it’s ugly head and do more than stimulate temporary survival instincts within oneself; it can join forces with ego to initiate a tag-team affair of suffocating its victim. This = NO BUENO!

The good news is, we possess the power within to fight this. Fear doesn’t have to be the bully that wins. Love conquers all!

How though? In the midst of the fight or flight response, hormones raging, and ego not shutting up, what the hell are you supposed to do…?

Galaxy view with blue and purple hues.

You must BELIEVE you can overcome fear. ANY fear. Intentions are everything. Give yourself some credit.

You’ve got this, gorgeous! Think of everything you have defeated before. You’re a strong, strong soul.

Keep in mind that what you’re frightened of is merely a figment of your imagination.

Think of the fear as an illusion of your reality that has come into your path for you to stand up to.

This fear is more or a less a challenge from Above to teach you a spiritual lesson.

You must choose to face it head on in order to vanquish it entirely, otherwise the fear will continue showing up in your life.

Bravery is always rewarded, dear one!

~ Morning Prayer ~

Morning’s are super duper important for setting the energetic pace for your day on a positive note and kicking fear to the curb before it gets a chance to creep in.

Below is a morning healing prayer you can read or say aloud before you start each day as a way to raise your vibration and stay one up on fear:

Today, I will not be ruled by ego or fear. Love will be my dominant vibration. I am love. I will collaborate with the wholeness of my being.

I am in total vibrational harmony with my desires. Life is an easy, fun, exciting, and pleasurable adventure. I am aligned with my Inner Being. I go through the day with ease and live in the present moment.

I challenge my ego to step aside as I invite my Higher Self to shine forth. I love life. Life loves me. I let go of beliefs that are longer serving me. I let go of all fear that is restraining me.

I choose the path of least resistance. Thank you Universe for your provision. Thank you Spirit for your presence, guidance, support, and unconditional love.

xo, SK<3


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