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How to: "let that shit go"

Let that shit go.

Four simple words that can change your life in a hot second.

Repeat it with me, my dear — Let. That. Shit. Go!

Now here’s the ticker: don’t just say it; act upon it.

Believe it, own it, & implement this attitude into your everyday life.

When you find yourself in a tizzy, whether that be over an internal dilemma, relationship trouble, financial stress or whatever it may be, push your inner “Let That Shit Go” button to decompress.

You may find this button to be covered in cobwebs because you’ve previously been programmed to push your inner “panic” button.

This is such a habitual act for some of us that we aren’t even aware we have an alternative to panicking when trouble arises. This is our default mode.

The bright-side is that we have a choice to dust off those cobwebs and take a different route. We don't have to remain stuck in what feels like a time warp of anxiety. The “Panic” button is not the only option.

You’ve always got the option to let that shit go!

By continually pushing the “Let That Shit Go” button, you train yourself to react in a way that will not break you down in times of distress, but rather build you up.

Amidst the mayhem of life, there is magic.

~ Meditation Idea ~

1.uMake your way into a comfortable position whatever your preference may be. Lying down, sitting up, sprawled out in a yoga pose, you do you.

2. Close your eyes and get in touch with your breath. Invite your Higher Self, spirit guides, angels, fairies, or any beings of love and light to be present with you throughout this meditation.

3. Visualize your entire physical & auric body being surrounded by Divine, protective light. This light can be any color you desire. Imagine this light glowing brightly and permeating a feeling of loving warmth within you.

4. In your mind’s eye, call upon Archangel Michael to clear away all negative energies & entities: seen or unseen, known or unknown. Thank him for his service and invite him to remain with you for the remainder of the day if you wish.

5. Imagine two buttons within your heart center. One is labeled, “Let That Shit Go” and the other is labeled “panic.”

6. Play out a scenario in your mind that’s been agitating you in some way or causing you worry. Evaluate what button you feel more drawn to push. Regardless of what you feel tempted to push, visualize yourself reacting to this scenario by pushing the “Let That Shit Go” button as hard as you can.

The more you practice this act of pressing the “LTSG” button after thinking of particular, irksome circumstances in your life, the easier this will develop as your automatic response.

Condition yourself not to panic, but to choose the latter option.

It’s a moot point to waste time wallowing in lower vibrations when there’s always a choice to vibrate higher. Trust in the magnificence of the Divine.

You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life.” - Rumi

xo, SK <3


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