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Friday the 13th: day of the goddess

Happy Friday the 13th, lovely people!

Not a day to fear, but a day to embody, this day was originally referred to as the "Day of the Goddess!"

It was purposed to worship the divine feminine energy. Friday is Venus day, which is representative of the divine feminine, and the number 13 just so happens to be illuminated with divine feminine energy.

In ancient Germany, Fridays were a day where women were honored and admired. I am choosing to celebrate this day by nurturing the divine feminine within myself and cheering on the divine feminine in others.

There's always been something about Friday the 13th's energy that draws me in!

With the moon being in airy Libra, which just so happens to be ruled by Venus, the social energy is high and romance is on the horizon.

One can only wonder, or script, set intentions, and visualize, what this energy can potentially manifest.

Below are simple facilitators for awakening the divine feminine energies within:

1. Follow your intuitive impulses.

All of them! Your intuition will never lead you down a path that is not for your ever-evolving good. You can rest in knowing that whatever decision you make, the Universe will redirect to support you.

Before I got the hang of following my intuitive nudges, I would always wonder what "following your intuition" actually translated to in the real world.

It's not always some grandiose gesture that your intuition is leading you to do, but sometimes it's something as simple as taking a different route home because you had a thought or feeling suggesting you do so.

This rerouting from your intuition may prevent you from running into bad traffic or provide you with a visual reminder you needed. Your intuitive impulses are there to serve you.

2. Make time for yourself.

In today's rigorously scheduled world, don't neglect scheduling time for yourself.

"Make time for self" often falls to the bottom of our-do lists, but the divine feminine energy demands that we take care of ourselves.

Whether that be treating yourself for a spa day or locking yourself in the bathroom for an hour to shower and unwind, saying "yes" to these actions will enhance your divine feminine energy and help you feel more in harmony with your true self.

3. Practice specific yoga poses.

All yoga poses move the energy within the body, but there are certain yoga poses I feel that stimulate the divine feminine more so than others.

  • Tree pose invokes energies of balanced power and strength.

  • The warrior poses summon energies of courage, stability, and peace.

  • Happy baby pose cultivates self-love and helps you unite with your inner child for further healing.

In these poses, meditate on the richness of who you are and allow the divine feminine energy to surround you with love.

When negative thoughts arise, envision the goddess within you eradicating such thoughts by using her hand as a powerful wand to directly transmute your negative thoughts into positive energy.

4. Express your emotions.

Talk with others, journal, blog, dress up, cry, yell, make art, exercise... Whatever it is that helps you feel through your emotions is what you should be doing to express your emotions.

It's easy to express positive emotions, but negative emotions are another story.

When you find yourself avoiding feeling particular emotions, ask yourself, "Would I rather feel the pain of negative emotions now or later?" because unfortunately, there is no way to escape negative emotions.

We either feel through them and they are released, or we ignore them and they are suppressed.

The more you suppress your emotions, the more likely this stored negative energy will result in dis-ease in the body.

Honor the divine feminine by honoring all of your emotions.

5. Be yourself.

It doesn't get more straightforward than this, but somehow this concept is not so easily mastered.

To connect with the untamed, daring, and transcendent energy of the divine feminine, we must first connect with ourselves.

When we connect to ourselves authentically, this is the key that unlocks the divine feminine.

She is thrilled to see you loving yourself and desires nothing more than to support you in your journey of accepting yourself.

Peace, love, and blessings!

xo, SK <3


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