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Forgive to fortify your life

One of my Spirit Guides, Erik, has brought to my attention the delicious topic of forgiveness which is the basis of what I have channeled from him below.

You might cringe by even looking at the word “forgiveness” because you have been so deeply hurt by others or yourself, but once you invite the transformative power of forgiveness in your life, you’ll bust through the doors of ultimate deliverance.

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Countless humans choose to allow bitterness and negative, ill feelings to fester in their heart because their ego is so inflated they refuse to forgive others.

Yes, you may have been extremely hurt by someone, but you’re only continuing to hurt yourself by choosing to not practice forgiveness. News flash, you too have hurt people during your time on this planet.

Whether those you hurt forgave you or not influences the pain you’ve inflicted upon them, and if you choose to forgive yourself or not correlates to your healing in the given situation.

If you let go, you gain peace. If you cease to give up control in your life, your ego will run the show rather than your soul which leads to chaos far more difficult to tame.

You truly forgive to fortify your life!

Trust in your gut instincts and choose to spread love to others and most importantly, yourSELF, by forgiving others for when they have hurt you and forgiving yourself as well.

It is sometimes easier to forgive another person opposed to forgiving yourself. You must be firm in your power as you challenge the thoughts that claim you’re not worthy of another chance.

You owe the Universe nothing. The Universe is one in the same with love. You are the Universe. You are love.

And you are worthy of both receiving and giving forgiveness; for both sides of the pendulum are ultimately for your highest good and the highest good of all!

If you're at a loss on where to begin the process of forgiving yourself or someone else, begin by recognizing that it is the Higher Consciousness, the God-Self, within you that holds the key to making this possible.

Set aside your personal ego and invite the presence of Spirit to permeate your being so that you will be a vibrational match to the love or above energy that enables forgiveness to take place.

By surrendering to the Divine within, you will experience less resistance towards the forgiveness process as this act of love is natural to the Trueness that is You.

~ Forgivness Meditation ~

White candle on white sparkly background.

1.uFind your way into a meditative state in a quiet, tranquil environment. With your eyes closed, place your hands on your heart, and begin to visualize white, protective, Holy light enveloping you.

2. If you’re working on the process of forgiving another individual, visualize this light surrounding them as well. In your mind’s eye, imagine standing face to face with whomever you’re choosing to forgive, whether that be another person or yourself.

3. Recite the powerful Hawaiian prayer, “Ho’oponopono”, meaning, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you” to the other person or yourself at least three times.

4. After sincerely repeating the prayer, hug the person or yourself if it feels right, or bow to them while simply saying, “Namaste.” 5. Take a few deep breaths, and open your eyes whenever you feel ready.

This process may stir up suppressed emotions or be difficult to complete, but do what you can and know that you can always ask the Angels and your Spirit Team to assist you.

These beings of love and light will instantaneously be there for you, helping you work through the healing process of forgiveness they know is so essential to your well-being.

Another way to benefit from the Ho’oponopono prayer is to implement it’s English translation into an EFT tapping session.

Take a look at this demonstration as your guide and then feel free to put your own spin on things once you’ve got the tapping points down. Go here!

This technique can provide immediate relief and is an especially wonderful way to work on forgiving yourself.

Choose to forgive to fortify your life. Illuminate the light within yourself by slaying the darkness.

“To err is human; to forgive, divine.” ⎯ Alexander Pope

xo, SK <3


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