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Fall-inspired wisdom & skin care tips

Why do we so often crave what’s obviously the rebellious choice? Why do we feel good when we are playing with fire? Why do we innately have the desire to resist control? Because we are sacred reveals with a cause.

The intuitive forces within are constantly aligning you with what truly gratifies your soul and guiding you away from what’s holding you down. There’s a fine line between respecting authority, control, and convention and also refusing to give up your personal power by submitting to factors outside of your self.

This is where growing a backbone can really play in your favor. We must submit to ourselves, not others. Only you know what’s absolutely best for you. Tap into the wisdom of your Higher Self. Take a step back from living from the lens of your ego and demand your lower self to eighty-six the bullshit.

Think of your Higher Self as the you that is love, that is one in the same with all that is, and that is piercingly stouthearted. Your lower self can be identified as the part of you which views all things as separate, doubts one's worthiness, and is heavily impacted by fear. Rise above this lower vibration by choosing to invite your Higher Self to take the reigns of your consciousness. Your perspective on life will gradually transform in ways that will fulfill your soul’s visionary life purpose.

~ Meditation Idea ~

If you’re struck with feelings of negativity and confused with why you may have acted a certain way or why a particular event popped up in your experience, take a few minutes to treat yourself to this mystical meditation.

Cuddle up in a quiet place where you feel comfortable to truly be yourself. This is important because the more in tune we are with ourselves, the stronger connection we have to our Divinity within. Breath in for four breaths, and out for four breaths until you feel as if your body is relaxed and your mind is ready for revelational healing.

Softly repeat to yourself until you are captured with resonance, “I am a soul comprised of love and light who’s choices are Divinely lead and inspired for the greatest good of all.”

Visualize whatever happy place your mind can conjure up and stay focused on the details of this heavenly destination. Allow the scenery and beauty to heal and empower you. Place your hand on your heart and soak in the fact that this beautiful place is merely a reflection of you, as the Universe mirrors your being.

~ Fall Skin Care Tips ~

As the weather gets cooler, our skin can get a little cray cray. You might notice some extra flakiness and tightness to the skin which is a gateway to breakouts as well. Exfoliation is your best friend throughout the colder seasons because of the build-up of unwanted dead skin cells. Polish your complexion by exfoliating every other night and interchanging an antioxidant-boosted serum in between. Just because the sun may not feel as strong throughout fall and winter, SPF is still a must if you’re serious about taking care of your skin. Bust that vitamin A out and treat yourself to a skin care treatment this season if you’re feelin’ frisky with this Scorpio energy.

PARY HARD this Halloween and be safe, my loves! 11/1 is my 24th birthday and I am beyond ready to ring in a new year of thrills. Much love to ALL!

xo, SK <3


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