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Face Mapping at its FINEST

Face mapping is gaining popularity among skin care advancements, although its roots go back thousands of years. Dating back to the days of ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, face mapping was and is used to identify the possible causes of your breakouts.

Where your acne is located on the face is very likely linked to dysfunctions within your body. We look at the body from a holistic standpoint in order to recognize the underlying causes that may be preventing you from having clear, healthy skin!

I will highlight common problem areas on the face with simple tips to keep these blemishes at bay. Take a look at what may be linked to your breakouts so you can be well on your way to crystal clear skin. What might your skin be trying to tell you…

Face mapping

1. Forehead. This area is associated with your digestive system and nervous system, so it may be time to clean up your diet and seek out some “me time” for stress relief. I recommend some good ole yoga. I personally practice daily as it reduces my stress levels and stimulates blood flow to my skin creating a natural glow. If done properly, yoga can also act as a catalyst for a stagnant digestive system, especially poses that include a twist. Be cautious of what hair products and hats you are using as well, as this could be a culprit to unwanted breakouts.

2. Cheeks. Your cheek zone is linked to your lungs as you maybe can relate when you notice your pinker cheeks after a more intense physical activity. Smoking, pollution, and asthma will generally affect this area. Get those lungs pumping by swimming in the ocean or dancing under the moonlight! You’ll not only make magical memories, but you are benefiting your skin and body as a whole. Side note: Remember to regularly clean your phone and pillowcases. We don’t realize how often we expose our skin to bacteria that could easily be avoided.

3. Chin. If you’re a woman, you probably already can guess breakouts on and around the chin are correlated to our hormones and stress. This seems to be the most difficult area to treat as sometimes our hormones have a mind of their own. I recommend making beauty sleep a priority in conjunction with your consistent skin routine. Seek advice from a trusted medical professional to help balance your hormones if you see no improvement otherwise.

As always, LOVE yourself and remember to make time for the things that make your soul feel nourished and ALIVE. There is a beautiful lesson in every moment if we allow ourselves to recognize it.

xo, SK <3


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