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A simple practice to accelerate your healing journey

Viewing life from an observer’s perspective is like experiencing your reality from the panoramic mode rather than the portrait.

When we take a step back and separate our consciousness from our mind, we can more easily identify our intrusive thoughts, worries, fears, and anxieties as entities of their own that are apart from our authentic selves.

Blank journal with an iPhone next to it.

When it feels as if my mind is overtaking my spirit in the present moment, it’s difficult to redirect myself to this observer’s point of view.

What’s helped me promptly alter my state of consciousness is by keeping notes in my phone that remind me I am not these negative energies, I am pure love and light.

Accelerate your healing journey with this simple practice!

They can be short & sweet, or on the longer side; whatever will help you snap back into a place of peaceful equanimity. I prefer switching up the notes so that the words remain impactful to my heart rather than becoming repetitive.

Below are a couple examples of some of my go-to notes that give me that extra push to shift the energetic pattern of my day into something more magical & beautiful.

“Any thought that is rooted in darkness is not FROM myself which is why it makes me feel like shit. It’s out of alignment with true me, my Inner Being, my SOUL.

These thoughts are stemming from ego, the lower self, trying it’s best to get attention. Don’t give it the attention it’s asking for; you will only fuel the fire.

Feed the wolf inside of you that is faith, love, & light, not fear, hate, and darkness.”

“Thoughts overwhelm me, but I’m not buying their false accusations. I know who I am, outward and within.

I will not back down or believe in the thoughts that attempt to ruin my day or self image.

I will only listen to the thoughts that define and describe my true, natural essence.

I am unstoppable, unshakeable, and unbreakable. And so it is!”

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Write these notes straight from the heart so that it resonates with you in ways it may not resonate with others. This is not for others, this is solely for you and your healing journey.

Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to impress or please others we completely lose sight of what our soul is thirsting for.

Allow your emotions to flow and hold nothing back during your writing process.

Break free from the old blueprint of your subconscious.

Make way for the rebirthing of your life experience.

xo, SK <3


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