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Are you living your best life?

What is it that gets your soul groovin’ and your heart bumpin’?

What sparks the thought within that says, “I’m so happy to know what it feels like to fully be alive?”

You are PRIVILEGED enough to experience this divine experience we call life.

You are the Universe wrapped in a human body.

Woman looking straight on, holding fairy lights in her hands.

I witness so many individuals investing their energy in aspects of life that do not please their soul. They then wonder why they just don’t feel whole nor fulfilled. They wonder why they aren't living their best life!

Your soul wants me to tell you this, “…Um, duh!” If the very core of your existence is being neglected, you will never rest in the contented bliss you were created to be in.

So, what now? Emotional honesty is a wonderful place to start. Peel back the layers you have been avoiding confrontation with.

In order to allow healing and growth to take place, we must be willing. This is not a task for the faint-hearted, but you are more than equipped to power through any resistance placed on your path.

Believe in your Higher Self. She is your ever-present guardian.

Every moment, in every way, you are being taken care of.

Palm trees over starry night sky.

Fulfilling your soul can be achieved by implementing daily practices and making conscious choices that raise your vibration to one that feels good to you.

Feeling good is not something we should be ashamed of, nor think we aren’t deserving of.

Joyful, positive, and loving energy is the glue that binds us together.

Adapt to your natural state by choosing to view your time as holy and sacred. Only invest in what you view as worth it.

Life is just too damn short for us to continue getting caught up in jobs, relationships, events, etc. that only drag us down.

RISE above, put your foot down, and watch life positively respond to your self-loving devotion in ways you previously didn’t think were possible.

Take some time to write down what elevates your spirit to this place of pure glee. And go out and do those things!

This shouldn’t be considered as another thing on your to-do list, but this should inspire you to more actively pursue what nurtures your soul.

Do no judge your list. Do not alter your list for the sake of others.

Do exactly what you want to do, unapologetically.

Here are some practical examples of what I love to sprinkle my days with:

  • Snuggle with my doggies

  • Take a warm bath infused with essential oils

  • Dance for no reason at all

  • Treat myself to a pedicure

  • Walk on Mother Earth barefoot

  • Passionately kiss someone I love

  • Pick wildflowers

  • Drive with the windows down to music that gives me butterflies

  • Meditate on what I’m grateful for

  • Skinny dip in the ocean

  • Give myself a hair and face masque

  • Give and receive massages

  • Lay under the stars

  • Hold my loved one’s hands

  • Make homemade salsa

  • Create my own cocktails

  • Try new yoga poses

  • Free-style writing

  • Watch comedies

  • Candlelit dinners

  • And oh so much more!

“What’s to say today won’t be the best day of your life?”

xo, SK <3


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