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All hallow's eve

The time is near, Samhain, or All Hallow's Eve, is almost here!

October 31st is less than two days away, how are you planning to celebrate?

The veil will be thinnest, the moon will be full, and our souls will be eager to expand.

Modern witch on broomstick celebrating All Hallow's Ev

Speaking of la luna (how we adore you so,) this will be the first full moon visible across all time zones in 76 years!! The sun will be radiant with Scorpio’s energy while the moon is wrapped up in Taurus.

Mercury will also begin winding down its time spent in retrograde, but its remnant energy will surely still be felt — especially for all of us empaths out there! Stay strong, honey bee!

Below are 4 ways I enjoy ringing in All Hallow’s Eve!

1. Set myself up for a hella great day.

I kick Halloween morning off right by starting the day with a thorough cleansing session in my home and around myself.

I channel Reiki and say a morning prayer to Spirit, setting positive intentions for the day ahead.

I like to do a short session of EFT tapping to expedite healing and help me connect to my Higher Self.

2. Connect with nature and animals.

The weather is typically beautiful in Florida on Samhain, so I try and spend time outdoors. Outside, I love to play with my dogs, soaking up their loving and joyful energy.

I will practice yoga in the grass barefoot to ground myself and sometimes just simply walk around in the grass while meditating.

Harmony with the various lifeforms outdoors always gives me a clearer understanding of how we are all connected as one.

3. Dress up!

My birthday being the day after Halloween calls for even more of a reason for me to celebrate in my book!

Dressing up is something I have always had fun doing because I choose costumes that allow me to express myself in a unique way for the night.

It’s exhilarating to embody the character of something or someone else, because it reminds you so greatly of who you really are, which is an opportunity to cultivate a beaucoup of self-love!

4. Practice intuitive rituals.

With the moon high above and I’ve returned home for the night, it’s ritual time! My rituals consist of what I intuitively feel lead to do that night.

This ranges from connecting with deceased loves ones via dowsing rods or placing my crystals outside to cleanse and recharge.

I make the ritual an intimate affair by incorporating healing aromatics, spell candles, divination tools, and uplifting frequencies.

Because this is my sacred, Divine time to connect with Spirit, to those who are on the other side, and to my Inner Being, it is always magickal!

Full moon over lake with pink and purple sky.

Happy Samhain!

May your day be made mystical in ways you desire by the Divine forces always supporting you.

xo, SK <3


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