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6 ways to bring yourself back to the present moment

How often do you find yourself truly in the present moment?

Us humans are so silly… We allow our minds to transport us to the past and future, rather than soaking in where we actually are in life.

If only we could flip a switch to more easily center ourselves! While this isn’t an option for us, there are so many others alternatives we can lean on to push ourselves in the right direction: the present.

Read more for 6 ways you can bring yourself back to the present moment!

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1. Imagine yourself when you’re old & gray.

Think of yourself in your final years of a long-lived life. Look around at where you currently are and cherish the moment. It might just be a moment that becomes a very fond memory.

What memories do you want to have? Memories of you enjoying life, or memories of you being stuck in your head? Choose wisely & mindfully!

This shift in mindset can drastically help you direct your attention from your thoughts to the present moment.

2. Sense your senses.

We experience this reality via our senses, and what a better way to experience the present than to be in tune with your senses?

Observe and meditate on what it feels like to hear, see, taste, smell, and touch in your immediate surroundings.

This participatory approach will easily guide you to experiencing the now!

3. Play with your hands.

Focusing on your hands is a fun, yet sometimes trippy way to connect with the present. When you look at your hands, especially the intricate design of your palms and fingerprints, you grow aware of your presence.

Tapping your fingers together one at a time is also a technique that can be used to bring you back down to earth!

4. Take mental photos to bring yourself back to the present moment.

If you’re struggling to seize the moment, visualize taking mental pictures in your mind of what’s around you.

While it’s fun to take physical photos to remember the moment, you can have your cake and eat it too by fully immersing yourself in the present and snapping mental memories you can later reminisce on!

5. Pretend you’re in a movie as the main character.

Don’t tell me you’ve never pretended like you’re in a movie! It never gets olds and is so much fun to center yourself in the present.

Not only pretend you’re in a movie, but pretend you’re the main character! Romanticize your life in ways that fulfill your soul.

Can’t tame that monkey mind of yours? Switch the narrative in your head to imagining what you’re experiencing as a movie scene. This new mental perspective is a unique way to ground yourself in the now.

6. Practice breathwork & stretching.

When it doubt, breathe it out! Breathwork is something you can take advantage of at any time, regardless of where you are or what you’re in the midst of. Breathwork, in conjunction with stretching, will really make you feel alive and well. Breathe, stretch, and repeat!

The present moment is where the magic of life happens! Use these centering practices to take control of your mind and ground yourself in the now.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re wearing, however you’re feeling… just BE.

xo, SK <3


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