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3 tips to help achieve your skin care goals

Half face of gorgeous model with clear skin.

As we transition into the new year, I dare you to spiff up your skin care routine and ditch those sabotaging daily habits that are doing everything but benefiting you or your skin.

Without a conscious effort to maintain healthy skin, you can easily fall victim to ho-hum skin care ruts which bear no viable results. Let 2017 be the year your skin has never looked better!

Enjoy these 3 tips inspired by the mermaids to ensure you kick-start the new year with your best skin ever and achieve your skin care goals!

1. Prioritize facials.

If you can’t make it in for your recommended monthly facial, make sure to stay on top of doing a weekly facial masque treatment at home.

This is one of my favorite ways to set aside “me time.” If I have a masque on, it's like I'm wearing a "do not disturb" sign! If your masque’s texture allows for it, try massaging the masque into your skin without harshly pulling or tugging. Work your hands with a light pressure in circular motions towards the heart to help drain your lymph and in turn reduce anyway unwanted facial puffiness.

While you allow your masque to sit, be creative with how you spend your “me time!”

Do more of what makes you happy.

Less stress = better skin!

2. Assess your skin care products.

There are two types of people… People who are minimalists when it comes to skin care and people who have bought so much they have a product graveyard under their bathroom sink. Whoever you are, it’s time to reevaluate if the products you have are working for you, or if you’re needing to head into a new direction.

Ask yourself questions such as… How long have I been using these products? Have I seen the results I desire? Have I researched this skin care company? Are the ingredients healthy for my skin?

A study published in Environmental Health Perspectives had 100 teenage girls trade their current, conventional beauty products for products free of harsh chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, and tricolosan. After only 3 days of using these products, urine samples of the teen girls showed a considerable decrease in their toxic loads. Trade your toxins in for antioxidants!

Clear, blue-green, calm ocean.

3. Remain faithful to your skin care routine to achieve your skin care goals.

Once you’ve found your perfect skin care regimen, it’s now time to commit! Washing your face twice a week and putting on moisturizer when you remember isn’t going to cut it. Don’t sell yourself short by skimping out on your skin care routine.

If you’ve already invested the time to research your products and the money to purchase them, you owe it to yourself to maximize your skin’s potential. If you commit to consistently taking care of your skin, morning and night, it will soon become a habit for you; a delightful and rewarding habit at that!

Research shows, it takes us an average of 66 days to form a habit that we are faithful to. 66 days of commitment that will prepare you for a lifetime of radiant skin!

Smile at yourself, smile at others. Love yourself, love others.

xo, SK <3


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