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Manifesting with the Mermaids

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Pink mermaid

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If you’re a mermaid at heart looking to grow your innate manifestation skills, the Manifesting with the Mermaids guidebook is your knight in shining armor!


Manifesting with the Mermaids is a mystical eBook I created with the goal of teaching YOU how to consciously and unconsciously tap into your manifesting power


I share personal, raw stories of my manifestation successes followed by various tools and exercises purposed to accelerate your manifestation practice


In this 93 PAGE GUIDEBOOK, you’ll receive...

8 PERSONAL TESTIMONIES of my experiences co-creating with the Divine

DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS of how to implement varying MANIFESTATION TECHNIQUES into your everyday life




Is it time to reflect? Are you satisfied with yours efforts pursuing self-care? Do you feel your energy just isn’t where you want it to be? What message is your Higher Self trying to show you in this moment? 


Go inward and ask if this eBook is something you would benefit from. Follow your intuitive hit and honor yourself by respecting that nudge. 


Erase the doubt. Release your fears. Open up to love and have faith. Your desires are closer than you may think! 


Thank you so much for your support! May this course bless you with showers of abundance, boatloads of love, and untouchable manifestation abilities


“Eventually you’ll stop calling them coincidences and realize how powerful you are.”