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Manifesting with the Mermaid eBook

Manifesting with the Mermaids

eBook: $11.10

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If you’re a mermaid at heart looking to grow your innate manifestation skills, the Manifesting with the Mermaids guidebook is your knight in shining armor!


Manifesting with the Mermaids is a mystical eBook I created with the goal of teaching YOU how to consciously and unconsciously tap into your manifesting power  using the almighty Law of Attraction.  


This eBook is perfect for those who are just beginning their spiritual journey, or for those who have been manifesting for years. 


Whether you are aware or not, the Law of Attraction has been seamlessly working around you for the duration of your life. Like energy is drawn to like energy. What you focus on will manifest. Visualization is the gateway to your desires. Therefore, you have a say in how energy is influenced. 


Famous author and Law of Attraction enthusiast, Bob Proctor, said it best:


“If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.”

In this eBook, I share personal, raw stories of my manifestation successes, followed by various tools and exercises purposed to accelerate your manifestation practice


In this 50-PAGE GUIDEBOOK, you’ll receive...

8 PERSONAL TESTIMONIES of my experiences co-creating with the Divine

DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS of how to implement varying manifestation techniques into your everyday life


6 DO-IT-YOURSELF EXERCISES corresponding with each manifestation tool


Are you wanting to elevate your manifestations to the next level? Are you ready to live the reality of your dreams?

Flip your tail around the deep waters of the Law of Attraction by learning how to be a master manifestor with Manifesting with the Mermaids. 


Erase the doubt. Release your fears. Open up to love and have faith. Your desires are closer than you may think! 


Thank you so much for your support! May this eBook bless you with showers of abundance, boatloads of love, and untouchable manifestation abilities


“Eventually you’ll stop calling them coincidences and realize how powerful you are.”

Magikal Manifestion Tools
Manifesting with the Mermaids eBook
Personal Manifestation Testimonies
Manifesting with the Mermaids eBook Chapter 1 Preview
Manifesting with the Mermaids eBook Chapter 1 Preview
Manifesting with the Mermaids eBook Scripting Chapter
Manifesting with the Mermaids eBook Scripting Exercise
Manifesting with the Mermaids eBook Manifestation Success Stories
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