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There is magic in the air. Not just sometimes, but always. Tap into that magic with spellwork! And by spellwork, I mean you connect with Spirit, say the spell, and put your intention into it, while I do the groundwork. 


The same spell format is used for all of my spells because it’s more simple for me to intuitively translate the whispers of my Higher Self. A flow of energy is established to help mold reality through time and space. 


I enjoy the rhyming nature of spells because I feel this generates more energy when you chant or repeat the spell. The stronger the connection, the more likely the manifestation!


While spellwork is not always guaranteed to work (due to the billions of other factors in the multiverse such as free will,) the methods in which I have written and cast spells are tried and true


You must always trust the process of life and know that if what you desire does not manifest, something better WILL. 


Personal spell success stories include:


» Freedom from a toxic relationship. 

» The commitment of a new, dreamy relationship. 

» Landing a cute, cozy apartment within price-range & in the perfect location.

» Causing unruly neighbors to move away. 

» A change in professional scenery. 

» Reducing anxiety & welcoming peace. 

» Boosting confidence. 

» Growing longer hair. 

» Racking in unexpected money. 

» Total body healing for myself & others. 

» AND so many more!


Previous spell examples:


Spirit, Spirit, I trust in thee, 

help me to be the most joyful version of me. 

Everything is working out for a Divine rhyme or reason, 

please reveal the beauty to me in all seasons. 

Love or above energy is what I mostly feel, 

I surrender to Source taking the wheel. 

Each moment is sacred in its own way, 

living in the now unlock magic’s gateway. 


Spirit, Spirit, I trust in thee, 

deliver total healing directly to me. 

Please banish what I lurking, 

and welcome what is working. 

I am healthy in every way, 

Source blesses me each coming day. 


Spirit, Spirit, I trust in thee, 

abundance is here for me. 

My bank account is overflowing, 

others tell me how much I’m glowing. 

Everything I need is mine and more, 

I feel gratitude to my very core. 


And so it is, this or something better now!

Looking for a SPECIFIC spell written just for you? I am your go-to gal! 


The sky’s the limit regarding what you want to manifest with a spell, so long as it does no harm to others or yourself. White magic onlymeaning I will only write spells rooted in positive intentions, love, and hope for the greater good. 


Common spell ideas include:


» Attracting abundance. 

» Finding true love. 

» Receiving mental, physical, & emotional healing. 

» Invoking protection from harm or darkness. 

» Recalling a memory. 

» Enhancing your psychic or spiritual abilities. 

» Manifesting a new job.  

» Encouraging someone else to contact you. 

» Calling upon rain. 

» Locating a lost object.

» Making an important decision. 

» Enjoying Restful sleep. 

» Cleansing negative energies & entities.  

» Banishing unwanted company.

» Breaking away from from an unhealthy environment. 


Go here to purchase a personal spell written specifically for you! 


You will be given the chance to provide as much, or as little, information you would like for me to have a basis for writing the spell.


After receiving the spell, find a sacred space to recite it. Connect with the Higher Power of your choice, repeat or chant the spell aloud, and conjure up as many good feelings as you can, as if the spell has already worked. Release attachment and move forward in faith. 


You can also participate in a spiritual ritual or use a spell candle for even more of a magical experience! 


Before sending over your spell, I send Reiki to you and the circumstances at-hand. Rest in knowing that your spell is created and delivered to you with positive energy, along with the assistance of Divine beings.


What is meant to be, will be!

May all of your desires manifest tenfold.

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