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By viewing the website,, you are voluntarily agreeing to this Disclaimer, our Privacy Policy, & Cookie Policy and are accepting you have fully read, understood, and agree to the terms given below. Thank you so much for visiting Mermaid Intuition! 


Mermaid Intuition is a personal website used to provide esthetics and metaphysics expertise, services, and products to the best of the creator’s (Sara Katharine Creamer) ability. All views expressed are solely from the creator. The content and services supplied is for informational and entertainment purposes. Consequently, it should never substitute professional advice. The creator is a licensed esthetician and Reiki practitioner, but she is not a licensed medical professional. Therefore, she cannot diagnose, cure, or treat any medical or psychological problem.


Mermaid Intuition is in no way, shape, or form responsible or liable for what may be the result of following said advice, trying recommended practices or products, or receiving distant Reiki healing. One should always seek professional advice in the state of an emergency or before making any health-related decision. By following the advice on Mermaid Intuition, one is following at their own discretion. 


Mermaid Intuition strives to create content that is accurate, however all information given should only be given as a guide, as it may be subject to error. Although the creator does her very best to provide wholehearted and authentic information, she makes no guarantees or promises that her counsel or services will be the solution to one's difficulties. We are all on personal journey to self-love, healing, and growth. Mermaid Intuition is not responsible or liable for any use or misuse of information given on this website. One is responsible for their own actions and results. We are the makers of our own reality.


The creator has the right to manage Mermaid Intuition as she sees fit and may change, add, or remove the focal content of the blog at any time. Her intention is to continually produce content that will benefit her viewers and raise the vibration of the planet. Her opinions and advice are subject to change, as she continues to grows spiritually and educate herself in various ways. 


Mermaid Intuition is not responsible or liable for what may occur upon clicking on any third-party links or their content. As a recommendation and if the viewer is interested, the creator provides links to various products and videos. She is not compensated in any way for sharing these products or videos. Her recommendation is due to personal, positive experiences with said products or videos. Upon trying linked products or watching linked videos, Mermaid Intuition is not responsible or liable for what this may result in. Again, taking these recommendations is at one's own discretion. 

If you click on my online shop, services, or digital products, you will be directed to the eCommerce platform, Payhip, or Fiverr, a freelancing service, which both guarantee the security and safety of your payment + purchase/free download. If there are any issues in the process, please contact the creator here


All images/videos shown on the website were either taken or made by the creator, gathered from royalty-free photo websites, or credited to its original creator. If there is a photo/video you would like to receive credit for or if there is any photo/video you would like to be taken down, feel free to contact the creator via the contact form and it will be done so immediately.  

Thank you again, beautiful soul, for visiting Mermaid Intuition! Cheers to magickal musings, angelic whispers, and cosmic revival!

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