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Hi, gorgeous! I'm SK!

I am a bearer of mermaid-inspired wisdom, angelic revelations, and witchy tips. Mermaid Intuition is here to unite YOU with your Higher Self. I am offering spiritual counsel, skin care advice, distant Reiki Healing, user-generated content, blog services, and magical digital downloads for all who are seeking to practice self-love and advance their soul journey. We all possess the power to transform our lives into the abundant, joyous wonderland we envision in our daydreams. 


My esthetics journey began in 2013 when I became a dually-licensed esthetician in both Florida and Utah. My infatuation with beauty later expanded beyond the physical, which has led me to the satisfying place I am now. I have infused my passion for esthetics with my calling to nurture the powerful trifecta of one’s mind, body, and spirit. Skin care is now seen as sacred.


In 2018, I became a second degree Reiki healer, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in metaphysical science, and gained the title as an ordained metaphysical minister. Since then, I have become a certified angel card reader and continually educate myself in astro-magic. I find great joy in providing specialized experiences for others that align them with their soul’s desires. 



You are a goddess. You are the wind that stirs up the fire, the stars that dazzle the night sky, and the waves that saunter in the ocean. You are everything and anything you can imagine yourself to be.

"Have I dreamt I am a MERMAID...
or am I mermaid dreaming

Mermaid in clamshell
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