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skin care and spirituality 

Blonde girl with colorful dust around her.

Greetings from the sea!

I'm SK: esthetician, Reiki healer, teacher, a
nd creator. 

Mermaid Intuition connects empowered individuals looking to raise their vibration ─ and keep it that way. 

On the flip side, natural skin care topics centered on self-love and energy healing are also explored, explained, and engaged with. 

Bewitch your soul and better your skin. 

Searching for metaphysics and esthetics content in the same place? Keep up with my blog. 

Ready to amp up your manifestation skills? Browse my shop for manifestation tools & more. 

In need of healing? Allow me extend distant Reiki energy to you. 

Have any questions? I'm here for you on your skin care and spiritual journey.

Free download of Magical Morning Guide.
Distant reiki healing service.

A conscious community of beautiful souls...

Mermaid Intuition is an online space dedicated to spiritual discovery, holistic skin care, and energetic healing. I’m here to help you reach your greatest potential, and remember who you really are: pure, positive energy who came to planet earth, seeking ways to express itself as a human being. The journey is fun, join us!

Your Dreamland manifestation digital download.
Guided journal digital downloads.
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User-generated content & blogging services also available!

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