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Mermaid Intuition


Mermaid Intuition connects empowered individuals looking to raise their vibration ─ and keep it that way. 

On the flip side, natural skin care topics centered on self-love and energy healing are also explored, explained, and engaged with. 

Mermaid Intuition is an online space dedicated to spiritual discovery, holistic skin care, and energetic healing.


I’m here to help you reach your greatest potential and remember who you really are:

pure, positive energy who came to planet earth, seeking ways to express itself as a human being.


Grab your broom stick and meet the mermaids where the waves are breaking. Join the cosmic beauty revolution!

Women Portrait (Sara Katharine Creamer)

In the wild, I go by SK. If we've never met, it's nice to meet you. If it's meant to be, let's hope fate will perpetuate our meeting beyond the virtual. 

I've been a licensed esthetician since 2013 and attuned Reiki healer since 2017. Deeply drawn to Spirit, I received a bachelor's degree in Metaphysical Science and became a certified angel card reader. 

I first created Mermaid Intuition as a familiar blog my facial guests could read between visits. It's evolved into a conscious community of liberated individuals devoted to the common goal of high vibrational, intentional living. 

While skin care and spirituality aren't typically coupled in modern beauty, their connection is powerful. Here's to reflecting upon the known, pondering the unknown, and tapping into the wisdom we already hold within ourselves!

Success! Thank you for reaching out. I'll get back with you ASAP ♡ May your day be filled with lots of magical blessings!

Reiki healing hands
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