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skin care & spirituality 

Blonde girl with colorful dust around her.

Greetings from the sea!
My name's SK.
Deep within the mystical waters of the Universe, the mermaids dazzled me with their presence, inspiring me to explore skin care & spiritual topics that have the power to better enrich you

Searching for metaphysics and esthetics content in the same place? Keep up with my blog. 

Ready to amp up your manifestation skills? Browse my shop for manifestation tools & more. 


In need of healing? Allow me extend distant Reiki energy to you. 

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Have any questions? I'm here for you on your skin care and spiritual journey.


A conscious community of beautiful souls...

Join the fun! 

I am a mystically-inspired writer, content creator, esthetician, and Reiki healer. Wearing more than one hat, the Gemini in me loves to dabble in more than one expertise. I offer writing, content creation, skin care, and spiritual services. My specialities include holistic skin care, Law of Attraction, and energetic healing. 

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User-generated content & blogging services also available!

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